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Rumor: Amazon to Launch Color E-Ink Kindles Later This Year

Amazon is rumored to be adding a new line to their kindle e-reader collection this year, CNet is reporting. This one is unique in that it will feature the first full color e-ink display. The news was first broken by Digitimes, who says sources close to the supply chain have already begun shipping the relavent components. TPK holding has already …

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CES 2012: E Ink Shows Off New Color Display

Ever since Amazon brought E Ink displays to the world’s attention with the first Kindle reader, e-reader users have been clamoring for color displays on their devices. Now it seems that they might soon get their wish. E Ink has been showcasing their new Triton color display at CES this week. E Ink displays can be found in pretty much …

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Could An Airport Scanner Ruin Your Kindle?

Apparently, you should be careful this holiday season when you travel with your Kindle. According to reports from users, something is ruining their electronic ink displays when they pass through security. The Telegraph claims that multiple users have reported their devices going wonky after passing through the X-ray scanners at airports. One such user said that after his Kindle took …

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