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James Justice Dunks His Way To A Trending Topic

Dig, if you will, a picture. No, not you and I engaged in a kiss; instead, the picture in question features a 5-10 basketball player with such leaping ability–52-inch vertical–you’d think man is actually capable of flight. That’s the mental image James Justice should have left you with after he absolutely took over ESPN’s college basketball dunk contest. While the …

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Kendrick Perkins Is Mad At LeBron James Because of Blake Griffin

When Blake Griffin absolutely baptized Kendrick Perkins with a beast-mode, get the hell out of my way dunk, the Twitter world exploded. In fact, I remember watching ESPN’s SportsCenter the night the dunk happened, and the show’s anchors were excitedly discussing how Griffin’s dunk “broke Twitter.” While Twitter’s servers remained intact, the response to the dunk (of the year?) was …

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