Verizon Sued For False Internet Speed Claims

Verizon Sued For False Internet Speed Claims

By Shawn Hess April 10, 2012

Have you ever been disappointed in a piece of technology or service after being convinced by a company salesperson that it is the way to go? I think most of us have. Typically we can return the item or cancel …

AT&T: $10 DSL Slightly Less Impossible To Get

AT&T caught so much flak over burying their $10 DSL offer, that they made it easier to find. You just go past the giant displays for more expensive DSL, down and right to the corner of the screen and then click through to another page.

AT&T: Nobody Wants Our $10 DSL

AT&T’s new head is a smooth one, definitely Dapper Dan and not Fop. It takes a quarter-century of industry experience to tap dance around honest questions the way he does.

AT&T: Be Vewwy Vewwy Quiet About Cheap DSL

AT&T’s been sounding its trumpets about new wireless video offerings, especially in advance of the much-anticipated iPhone launch. They’ve kept those trumpets far away, however, from their FCC-required $10 per month DSL.

BellSouth Rescinds DSL Fee

BellSouth had planned to continue collecting a $2.97 per month fee from its 3.2 million DSL customers, even though that fee had been originally collected for the federal government’s Universal Service Fund.

BellSouth Also Grifting DSL Fees

Just as Verizon has replaced the Universal Service Fund fee customers paid each month with a new fee that goes straight into their bank account, BellSouth will likewise keep the charge in place and pocket the cash.

Verizon, Yahoo! Team Up For DSL

Verizon Communications Inc. and Yahoo! will announce today their launch of a joint DSL service that is, according to the AP, half as fast but just as expensive as Yahoo!’s SBC Communications link-up. At least the DSL service will still be cheaper than AOL’s $23.90 a month dial-up. One day AOL should change its name to AWOL (America Waiting Online).

FCC Tosses Out DSL Sharing Rule

Facility sharing requirements imposed on telephone companies that required leasing lines to competitors has been abolished.

FCC May Toss DSL Common Carrier Rule

The aftermath of a June Supreme Court decision may see DSL deregulated to enable phone companies to compete with cable.

Bellsouth DSL Goes To 6.0

Bellsouth announced today plans to take their DSL services up another notch to 6 Mbps. Broadband users with cable companies like Comcast or Adelphia already had 6.0 Mbps access but this marks the first of the major phone companies to offer the service.

AOL Testing DSL: You’ve Got Faster Mail

Customers in Washington DC and Chicago can try out the faster AOL service for $29.95 per month.

Verizon Invites Small Business to Try DSL

Verizon announced today a plan to let small business take advantage of high-speed access through their Business DSL program. Rebates will bring the cost down on the first three months of a one-year contract.

Yahoo Secures SBC DSL With Free Suite

The new package will provide users with a more secure Web surfing experience than before.

Verizon Strips Away For Stand Alone DSL
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Verizon announced on Monday that customers would have access to DSL without a local calling plan. The new plan will be offered to its northeastern customers first and more will be added later.

DSL and Cable Modem Security

Although high speed internet access may not have reached you yet, it probably will soon. The advantages are obvious, but there’s a dark side: security. I’m not going to talk about the more general aspects of securing your system here (I’ve done that in General Security), but only specifically about the issue of clear text passwords with telnet, pop, and ftp.

Connecting to the Internet

Connecting to the Internet

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Is Free Internet Access for You?

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