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Louis C.K. Finds Success Distributing Comedy Special Sans-DRM Louis C.K. Finds Success Distributing Comedy Special Sans-DRM
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It used to be when you bought a product, it was yours to keep. There was a time you could buy a video game or movie and you could do whatever you wanted with it. You could let a friend …

Serious Sam 3 Shows The Correct Way To DRM
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Digital rights management is still a concept of contention, which only gets exacerbated when companies like EA decide to block a consumer’s access to games they’ve already purchased. Yes, content developers and their publishers should have some level of control …

Court Ruling Raises Fair Use Questions Around DRM
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Elecronista reports that a new court ruling could set a legal precedent to allow the bypassing of DRM for fair use purposes. "The decision could impact the media industry as it may allow breaking DRM for music, movies and other formats as long as the material isn’t pirated," says Electronista.

McAfee And Adobe Partner On Security Software
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Security firm McAfee has partnered with Adobe to develop software that will offer companies’ data protection and digital rights management.

McAfee will uses its policy-based data classification with Adobe’s policy-based document protection to allow organizations to secure business information such as intellectual property or regulatory compliance data.

Group Calls On Amazon To End Kindle DRM
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The Free Software Foundation has launched an online petition to convince Amazon.com to drop its use of digital rights management (DRM) technology on its Kindle.

The move comes after Amazon deleted customers copies of George Orwell’s "Animal Farm" and "1984" without notice. Amazon says the titles were added to the Kindle store by a company that did not have the rights to them and it removed the copies at the request of the publisher from both its Kindle store and users personal electronic readers.

Ballmer Hints At Giving Up On Zune At CES

Recent by comments by Microsoft executives have led to speculation that Microsoft may abandon the Zune.

Microsoft CEO Ballmer declared at CES that consumers increasingly were moving away from one task devices like the Zune towards smart phones while at the same time stating flatly that no Zune phone was in the works.

Site Tries to Cash in On “Used” MP3s
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A new site has emerged that claims to be a place to buy and sell "used" mp3s. "Stop illegally sharing and start legally selling! Buy drm-free mp3’s starting @ $0.25," Bopaboo states on its front page.

Theories On Why iTunes Hasn’t Gone DRM Free

Applelogo Months after Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster and a dozens other download stores have gone 100% DRM free, A

Customers Cry Foul On Wal-Mart’s DRM Decision

 In yet another shutdown of DRM servers, following on the heels of Yahoo and MSN Music,Wal-Mart is also shutting down their DRM servers casting millions of dollars in media locked into one computer, unless you can copy it over to disk. 

Apple Trying to Kill Off CDs
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The push toward making CDs obsolete has taken another step as Apple is going to begin offering album art applications. This is one aspect of physical products like CDs and Vinyl that music enthusiasts have been reluctant to part with in favor of the digital age, but when that aspect becomes available as part of said age, will they still have something to cling to?

Napster Is Losing Subscribers

Napster The latest financial report from Napster showed only slightly wider losses of 4.4 m

Yahoo Music Unlimited Shutdown A DRM Mess
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The Electronic Frontier Foundation criticized Yahoo’s planned shutdown of DRM servers for its music store and asked the company to take care of its customers.

Yahoo Music Is Shutting Its Doors

There had to be a better way. It’s no surprise that Yahoo! Music is shutting down its download store and pointing customers to Rhapsody.  But did they have to pull a Microsoft and stop supporting the retrieval of license keys or authorize playback on additional computers? Here’s the email that came last night:

Warner Music Group Offers Catalog To Wal-Mart.com

Wmg The Warner Music Group family of labels has widened its full catalog mp3 offering to incl

EFF Blasts MSN Music Shutdown
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Customers will be left holding onto inaccessible music once Microsoft turns off the licensing servers for songs purchased through MSN Music, a situation the Electronic Frontier Foundation finds untenable.

Has Apple Seen the Height of its Success with Music?

At yesterday’s MacWorld keynote, Steve Jobs unveiled no new  major music initiatives at  iTunes or with the iPod line.

The Internet and the Music Industry

Ever since I blogged for a music site, I’ve watched how the Internet has transformed the music industry.

Here are some recent highlights – and they are sad songs:

Amazon Gets Sony BMG Tracks

UPDATED: The entire Sony BMG catalog will be available on Amazon MP3 beginning later this month. Sony BMG is the last major label to drop DRM

Sony BMG, DRM Free, Heads To Amazon
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The glaringly missing online component to Sony BMG’s plan to sell music without DRM turned out to be a newly revealed deal with Amazon.com.

Godin on the Music Industry
Sethgodin Best selling author and marketing guru
Sony BMG Becomes Last Major Label to Drop DRM

BusinessWeek is reporting and our sources confirm that Sony BMG will offer at least part of its catalog available DRM free in the first quarter of the year making it the

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