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Armpit of America Ad Pulled From New Jersey

A new Dove ad, released in New Jersey earlier this week, has been removed after it was criticized for being offensive to New Jersey residents. Apparently, New Jersey has been referred to as the “Armpit of America” for some time now, and Dove took the opportunity to use this pun in their ad. “Dear New Jersey, when people call you …

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New Jersey Disapproves Of Dove’s “Armpit Of America” Ad Campaign

Unilever’s nod to New Jersey backfired as natives and residents of the state expressed their resentment over a prospective billboard ad campaign for the company’s new deodorant product. Dove’s Nutrition Moisture deodorant ad featured an image of a young Caucasian woman with her arm raised and a caption that advised New Jersey residents to be flattered that their hometown is …

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Pope Releases “Peace Doves”, Birds Attacked

It’s almost like something out a dark comedy. On Sunday, as thousands gathered in St. Peter’s Square, two white doves were released by children. Standing next to them was Pope Francis himself. The gesture was meant to promote world peace. You can’t get much more sweet and well meaning than that, right? Well, Mother Nature was having none of the …

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Dove Real Beauty Parody Proves Men Need a Similar Confidence Boost

Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty worldwide marketing campaign is nearly a decade old, and in that time the company has spent millions on telling women that their natural beauty is just that – real beauty. Their latest viral campaign with that message, Dove Real Beauty Sketches, went viral earlier this month. You may recall the video, which featured an artist …

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