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Battlefield 3 to Have First Premium Double XP Event

Battlefield 3: Premium has promised a lot of things in its infancy. One of those things that they promised were premium only special events like double XP weekends. Today we get news that the very first event is going to take place this weekend. This follows last weekends double XP event that was open to everyone onwhat was more than …

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Battlefield 3 Featuring Double XP Event This Weekend

After zero double XP events the first 6 months of Battlefield 3’s existence, we are about to get our second in a little over a month. Announced today on the Battlefield blog, the event will kick off at various times around the globe. Los Angeles: 00:01 June 16 London: 8:01 AM June 16 Stockholm: 9:01 AM June 16 Tokyo: 4:01 …

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Battlefield 3 Announces Double XP Weekend On Facebook

Battlefield 3 has given us many joys in our life in the 6 months since its launch. From C4 to flying tanks, to the most awesome jet play in a videogame in a long time. Well now we are getting the one thing that DICE has yet to give us, a double XP weekend! They announced it on Facebook at …

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