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Doomsday Clock Now At 11:57: What’s The Threat?

The famous Doomsday Clock was set at three minutes until midnight, or theoretical doom. The Doomsday Clock was invented in 1947 as a predictor of nuclear catastrophe. These days, climate change is of an equal, if not greater, concern to the Bulletin’s Science and Security Board in consultation with its Board of Sponsors, which includes 17 Nobel laureates. The Doomsday …

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Doomsday Clock Now Set To 11:57pm

The Doomsday Clock was moved forward on Tuesday to read 11:57, or three minutes until midnight. Midnight meaning the symbolic doom of the world. Board members of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists have become frustrated with the snail’s pace at which world leaders have taken action against global warming and nuclear arms. In response to this frustration, the scientists …

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Doomsday Clock Set At 5 Minutes To Midnight

If you’ve never heard of the Doomsday Clock, you’re not alone. It isn’t a clock that predicts time or doomsday events directly, it is more of a visual metaphor devised by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists to measure and analyze the danger of a “civilization-threatening technological catastrophe.” Once a year the board meets in an attempt to measure international threats, …

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Doomsday Clock Still Set At Five Minutes To Midnight

On Tuesday, Jan. 14, the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists announced that the Doomsday Clock remains set at exactly five minutes until midnight. However, the Doomsday Clock doesn’t quite denote its name, but rather a ‘visual metaphor’ expressing the danger of a “civilization-threatening technological catastrophe.” According to CBS News, the board conducts an annual analysis of …

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