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Year-End Donations Are Not-For-Profits Saving Grace

American’s may not be the healthiest or the most frugal people on the planet, but they do have generous hearts. Americans give more money to charity than any other country. And each year around the Christmas holidays, the money given to non-profits is extremely helpful for them. It is the time that keeps them alive the rest of the year. …

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Fleece Blankets: Give or Receive Their Many Gifts

Fleece blankets. Who doesn’t love a fleece blanket? Even sheep love fleece blankets, because fleece blankets are commonly made with insulating polyester blends unless it is specified to be fleece-wool. Every time a fleece blanket is manufactured, one more sheep is able to graze undisturbed in the meadows for a few seconds more. Fleece blankets are light, but serve as …

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Dick Clark Foundation Donates $5 Million For Syracuse Studio

Syracuse University announced this week that the Kari and Dick Clark Foundation has donated $5 million toward the $18 million renovation of studio facilities at the university’s Newhouse School. The renovated studio will be renamed after Dick Clark, the famed radio and American Bandstand host who died last year of a heart attack. “Syracuse was always important to Dick and …

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Apple Makes $2.5 Million Donation to American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy Relief

As many Americans are still struggling to fully recover, or in some cases start to recover, from the devastating storm that hit the east coast a couple of weeks ago, Apple has made a pledge to one of the leading relief organizations for the cause. 9to5Mac reports that Apple has donated $2.5 million to the American Red Cross for the …

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You Can Donate to Hurricane Sandy Relief Through eBay, PayPal

As the Americans hit hardest by this week’s superstorm begin the long, arduous cleanup process – they’re going to need all the help they can get. Since most of us can’t physically help them pick up the pieces, monetary donations to charities that can do that are the preferred method of aid. And now you can help with the relief …

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Donate to Hurricane Sandy Relief While Using iTunes

Apple and the American Red Cross have partnered to help superstorm Sandy survivors by adding a donation page to iTunes this morning. From the iTunes homepage, you can access the donation page via a new button just under the new music box. The donation page allows you give in six different denominations – $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, and $200. …

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Kim Dotcom Rap Slams New Zealand MP John Banks

When we last left Kim Dotcom, he was on his way up after recently having some of his money and possessions returned. Previously, Dotcom was also given a bit more freedom to access the Internet among other things. One of those other things was going to a recording studio to finish work on an album he had been working on. …

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Twitter Wedding: Tweet Garners Donations For “Dream Wedding”

Imagine planning for months, spending time and money to get everything just right for your big day, and agonizing over every little detail–from the tablecloths to the bridesmaid’s gifts–only to have it all almost ruined in an instant by an unexpected change of venue. That’s what happened to UK couple Lauren Lane and Daniel Welch when the venue they’d booked …

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