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The Internet Archive Needs Your Help The Internet Archive Needs Your Help

Just because a site is free to use and features a comprehensive database of accessible content doesn’t mean they don’t need money to keep going. In fact, the opposite is true. Just ask the Internet Archive. Much like Wikipedia, the …

PayPal Adds Donation Feature to iPhone, iPad App

PayPal has launched an update to its mobile app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It now has a donation feature that lets users donate to over 23,000 charities in the U.S., UK. and Canada.

Calling Upon Customers to Give Where it Matters to Them

Boulder, Colorado-based social software developer Giveo has just introduced a new way for brands to get customers engaged with their charitable giving efforts. It’s called Crowdgiver, and lets the customers of charitable brands have a say in where the company is donating its money. WebProNews had a chat with CEO Ed Messman about the product, which was first launched in private beta about a month ago.

Google Lets AdSense Publishers Donate Earnings to Haiti Relief
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Google has launched an AdSense feature that lets AdSense publishers donate their earnings to Haiti earthquake relief efforts.

Amazon Offers Payment Services for Charity Donations
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Amazon announced today that its Amazon Payments is now being accepted by a number of charities. Organizations include:

Google Pushing Charity Through iGoogle Themes
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Keeping within the Holiday spirit, Google is doing something a little more significant than helping track the path of Santa Claus. They’re offering a number of iGoogle themes for causes in an effort to spread awareness and raise donations.

They’re clearly taking it seriously because there is a link to them right from the front page of the search engine, and usually there is not a whole lot of change going on there aside from the occasional doodle.

Donate For The Holiday Season By Using GoodShop.com
With the economy slipping, charities across the nation are bracing themselves for declining contributions this holiday season.

Google Tops Among Ron Paul Donors
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The Texas candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination has amassed plenty of donations for his campaign, with Google topping the list.

Nonprofits And Online Donations

Convio, an online software provider has released its Online Marketing Nonprofit Benchmark Study that finds online donations have increased with an average growth rate of 27 percent. The data is based on the analysis of online donations, email addresses, Web traffic and Web site registrations for 30 Convio clients from July 1,2005 to June 30, 2006.

Helping Bloggers: Donations and Sponsorships

Blog donation buttons are seen all over the blogosphere. No one really knows if those ubquitous click to donate buttons result in any real revenue for the blogger.

Google Stops Donations To Charitable Arm

One short sentence in Google’s fourth quarter financial press release has raised some eyebrows. “Google does not expect to make further donations to the Google Foundation for the foreseeable future.” But, seeing as the philanthropic arm of Google made a call for job applicants today, it doesn’t appear to have been thrown in the recycle bin.

Wikipedia Close to Brittanica, Sets Donations Goals

As Wikipedia becomes larger and more widely accepted, now with an Alexa rank in the range of the top 30 websites on the Internet, it’s beginning to have an impact on people’s perception, accuracy, and donations strategies. All of which have been, for the most part, positive.

Aaron Wall Vs. Traffic-Power

Recently, it was reported that Aaron Wall, author of the number one ranked search engine optimization guide, SEO Book, was recently sued by Traffic-Power for comments made on his blog concerning the company filing the suit.

Mac User Makes Auto Complete Search Function For Safari
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One of the bigger laments coming from the Mac crowd in relation to search is the lack of search utilities and tools for the Mac environment, although the Google Toolbar is available to Mac users, if they don’t want to use Spotlight.

French Blogger Arrested Then Sued

I’ve said before (twice) that it’s all happening in France. What I meant was the way in which so many people and businesses have embraced new media tools like blogs.

Watch Out For Tsunami Relief Email Scams

The millions of dollars donated by individuals to relief efforts in Southeast Asia have brought criminals and scammers out of the woodwork, US government agencies and private anti-fraud groups warned last week, Internetworld.com reported.

Donations Pouring In For Tsunami Relief

News about fundraising efforts for victims of the the tsunami disaster tends to be focused on what’s happening in countries like the US, the UK, Australia, Japan, the EU as a whole, etc.

Yahoo Users Raise Millions in Donations

In the wake of the disaster in South Asia, Yahoo has seen an extraordinary level of generosity from its 325 million users worldwide.

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