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Dr. Frank Jobe: Sports Medicine Pioneer Passes Away At 88

Renowned American orthopedic surgeon Dr. Frank Jobe has died, according to an official statement made by the Los Angeles Dodgers on Thursday. He had been hospitalized in Santa Monica shortly before his death due to an unnamed illness. Jobe was …

Adult ADHD: Adam Levine, Channing Tatum, And Fixes For You

“When I can’t pay attention, I really can’t pay attention,” says Adam Levine. The Maroon 5 singer recently revealed that he has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in a “Own Your ADHD” PSA. Levine wanted to share his struggle to encourage …

Teleka Patrick Disappears Without A Trace
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Teleka Patrick was last seen in the parking lot of the hospital where she worked, Kalamazoo’s Borgess Medical Center, on the night of December 5. Later that night, police found the 30-year-old’s gold 1997 Lexus ES300 in a ditch on …

Coffee Poisoning: Doctor Charged With Assault

A Houston doctor is accused of poisoning her lover’s coffee with a chemical found in antifreeze, but claims she’s totally innocent. Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo, an oncologist specializing in breast cancer, allegedly dosed Dr. George Blumenschein’s coffee with the chemical and …

Plastic Surgeon Gets Personal With 100,000 Followers On Twitter Plastic Surgeon Gets Personal With 100,000 Followers On Twitter
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Atlanta Plastic Surgeon, Dr. John LeRoy is one of the most active plastic surgeons on the social network with a Twitter following @JohnLLeRoyJrMD of over 100,000. Dr. LeRoy is committed to having a strong online presence and has always been …

Doctor Trainees Sharing Private Patient Information on Facebook

Social media has become the newest and possibly best way to expose just how stupid people can be. Last week we talked about the rocket scientist burglar who left Facebook’s equivalent of breadcrumbs to his front door. Hey, he is 19 years old and probably not the sharpest knife in the drawer anyway so maybe it’s not that unusual (actually it is but for this post we’ll say it).

Google Letting Users Post Their Health Records Online

Before we get started I need to tell you that I will need to fight a strong bias here to write about the issue of health records online. I have some google-health-logobackground in the use, power and neglect of medical records from my days in the insurance business.