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Disney Research Makes 3D Models From 2D Photographs

Photographs are a lovely way to remember that trip to the beach. It would be even lovelier if we could make a physical model to remember that trip by. You may soon be able to thanks to Disney Research. The Zurich branch of Disney Research has revealed an algorithm that allows it to take multiple 2D photographs and convert them …

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Disney’s New Tech Will One Day Let You Feel Holograms

Holograms have remained firmly in the realm of sci-fi for years. It was only recently that scientists have been able to crudely replicate what we’ve been seeing in film for over 60 years. Now researchers at Disney have made another breakthrough in technology that lets you feel holograms. Disney Research recently announced a new project called AIREAL – a technology …

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Disney Lays The Foundation For An Army Of Robot Clowns

What’s the scariest thing in the world today? Did a clown immediately pop into your head? Congratulations, you have a completely rational fear. That being said, a killer robot may have been your first choice. Even then, that’s also a completely rational fear. What would happen if you combined the two though? The folks at Disney Research apparently never learned …

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Disney Uses 3D Printers In Unexpectedly Awesome Ways

There are numerous proponents of 3D printing, but the really innovative movements are coming from small start ups. A lot of large companies use 3D printing in traditional methods such as rapid prototyping, but one large company is showing how innovation is done. Disney and the company’s research facility in Pittsburgh are creating something pretty extraordinary with 3D printers. They …

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