MapQuest’s Going to Trust You Know How to Get Out of Your Neighborhood

MapQuest’s Going to Trust You Know How to Get Out of Your Neighborhood

By Drew Bowling May 11, 2012

Whenever you look up directions with a map service – it doesn’t matter which one you fancy, be it Google Maps, Bing Maps, MapQuest, or whatever – if you enter your address as the starting point, the directions will invariably …

Google Maps Coming To OnStar

OnStar and Google have reached a deal that will let OnStar users search for and find places using Google Maps and send those destinations to the Turn-by-Turn Navigation service in their vehicles.

OnStar eNav will be available on Google Maps at the end of June. Users can access the destinations at any time and get OnStar directions to the destination from wherever they are.


Google Now Gives Street View Directions
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Gigantic buildings are generally easier to see than four-inch street signs, and for that reason, it’s often easiest to use landmarks to navigate.  Now, in some areas, Google can help; the company has integrated its Street View images and turn-by-turn directions.

Google To Offer Directions At Gas Pump

Drivers who are lost will soon be able to turn to Google. The company will begin offering driving directions at 3,500 gasoline pumps across the United States next month.

Google Maps Goes Off Beaten Highway

There’s nothing quite like a stretch of wide-open road, but a clogged, backed-up highway doesn’t elicit the same feelings.  Somebody in Mountain View apparently realized this – or felt the need to catch up with the competition – and Google Maps now has an “avoid highways” option.

Viacom, BBC Go Opposite Directions with YouTube

So Viacom is apparently bragging about how traffic to its properties, including Comedy Central, has climbed by as much as 90 per cent since it told YouTube to take down 100,000 or so of its video clips. And much of that traffic boost is people coming to watch videos, the company says.

Google, Ask Make Moves In Europe

The UK and Germany now have releases of Google Base for their Internet users; meanwhile, Ask.com has expanded its mapping imagery throughout Europe.

How to Use New Cingular Phone as Modem

For those of you who are buying the new Cingular 2125 phone (the one I have)…

Only You Can Help Digital Maps

With an array of mapping technologies, satellite images, and aerial photos, map and local sites under the purview of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL still need the kind of information only local users can provide.

New! Use Google Text Messaging to get Directions
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A couple weeks ago, I published Googling from your Mobile Phone-no Web Browser Needed!, which turned out to be one of the most popular articles yet. It showed how Google SMS (Short Message Service, otherwise known as text messaging) enables you to send Google queries as text messages over your mobile phone and in a return text message get precise answers to your questions.

Google Local Now Available For Users On The Go

People who are constantly on the go, and therefore the backbone of the mobile communications industry, now have a Google tool that can come in handy, especially if you are traveling to a destination you are unfamiliar with.

Google Launches Mobile Local Search Feature

Yesterday, Google announced a new service aimed at mobile gadget users who are frequently on the go and may be in need of local search services.

Future Directions: Too Much of a Good Thing

Managing IT complexity is a major problem for most companies. This is especially true for the many small and mid-market companies struggling to manage all of the distributed systems they deployed over the past decade. If you couple this proliferation of systems with the increasing demands being placed on IT organizations because of the move to e-business, you’ll begin to see why so many customers are looking to IBM for help.