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MapQuest’s Going to Trust You Know How to Get Out of Your Neighborhood

Whenever you look up directions with a map service – it doesn’t matter which one you fancy, be it Google Maps, Bing Maps, MapQuest, or whatever – if you enter your address as the starting point, the directions will invariably tell you to head out of town by some route that surprises you. Maybe it’s because your natural disposition isn’t …

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Google Goes To Botswana, Offers Up Safari Street Views

Later this year, Google Street View will officially be available in Botswana now that Google has decided to give that endlessly fun boots-on-the-ground mapping feature to Botswana. The map service will be replete with the usual street-level fare in order to hopefully encourage the growth of the country’s budding tourist industry. If you’re sitting there reading this wondering why Botswana, …

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Google Maps Gives Users New Way To Access Previously Used Directions

Google has a new way to access directions you’ve recently looked up on Google Maps. Under the My Places tab, on the left panel, you will see see them appear. You’ll also have the ability to filter results to access only the previous directions from the “more” tab. “This historical archive of directions results makes it quicker and easier to …

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Google Maps Accidentally Closes Down Australian Highway

More than likely you’ve turned to Google Maps in order to find your way to destinations unfamiliar. While typically reliable, anytime you search for directions between two places on Google you will also receive the small print caution: It’s an easy enough method for Google to avoid culpability whenever travelers end up lost due to miscues provided by Maps. However, …

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