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Bitcoin Value Continues to Puzzle Economists

2013 will be a year remembered for many important reasons, with perhaps the most interesting being the rise of the digital currency, the bitcoin. Bitcoins have been in existence for 4 years now, and over those four years the value of a bitcoin has fluctuated drastically. These intense changes in value make many people wonder what gives a bitcoin value …

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You Can Now Gift Amazon Coins To Your Kindle-Owning Friends And Family

Earlier this year, Amazon got into the digital currency game with Amazon Coins. In essence, Kindle users can use Coins to buy games, apps and in-app purchases on mostly everything in the Amazon Appstore. Now those same Kindle users can gift Amazon Coins to other Kindle users. Amazon announced today that it’s now letting users gift Amazon Coins to others …

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PayPal Aims to Save You From Being Eaten Alive by the Living Dead

In light of our other recent zombie coverage and Bruce Campbell on Twitter news, it seems appropriate to bring up a new PayPal commercial community-made video that was unveiled today at a company event, which shows how you may be able to survive a zombie apocalypse if you’re a PayPal user. Hat tip to All Things D’s Tricia Duryee for …

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