Should Scrabble Add ‘Selfie’ to the Official Dictionary?

Should Scrabble Add ‘Selfie’ to the Official Dictionary?

By Josh Wolford March 12, 2014

Scrabble and Merriam-Webster are about to publish the first new edition of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary in over 9 years, and they want Facebook users to vote on one word that they must have included. Fans of the game …

Live Search Defines Place In Dictionary

The online Merriam-Webster dictionary includes alternate links for more information about a term; among those links, visitors can find one going to Microsoft’s Windows Live Search.

Webster And AskMeNow Launch Mobile Dictionary

AskMeNow, a mobile search company has partnered with Merriam-Webster, publisher of print and electronic English language references to launch a mobile dictionary. Customers can access the dictionary by texting ASKME (27563). The service is available in the US and Canada.

Mobile users can also access interactive features such as Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day, which is designed to improve vocabulary and Open Dictionary, where members can create and submit their own new words and definitions.

Google Gadget University Awards

Google handed out awards for the best Google Gadgets by college students.

Preventing a Brute Force or Dictionary Attack

To understand and then combat a brute force attack, also known as a dictionary attack, we must start by understanding why it might be an appealing tool for a hacker.

Streaming Videos Not the Same as Podcasts

I was intrigued by the PRWeek headline: “Free podcasts become driving force in BMW branding push.”

Optimization for Google Dictionary

graywolf has made some good observations about definitions appearing above the organic search results in Google.

The Dictionary Knows You Scanned It

If Google Print sees ‘esquivalience’ in a dictionary it wants to scan, they should stop and consider the legal ramifications.

Personal Dictionary for Ispell

Ispell works well, but it has to be the most confused project I’ve ever seen. I started looking into this because I got tired of seeing the same common words pop up for correction and wanted to add those words to some file that would cause Ispell to ignore them.

Blogs Away: Why Blogs Are Important To Market Strategy

It is a “whodathunkit” kind of thing, isn’t it? A web log, with its straightforward elegance, its honest and reciprocal dialogue, its inexpensiveness (though time is money), has become the next darling of marketing and public relations-a real time, two-way walkie-talkie, a bulletin board of instant feedback.

New Adsense Format For Google?

According Darren Rowse (from Problogger.net) Google is secretly testing new Adsense format.

Google Testing Alternate Searches

Google is testing a new feature called “Alternate Searches” intended to enhance the user search experience. Other search engines like Yahoo! or AskJeeves have included in their results pages some suggestions of related searches.

French Version of Google Toolbar 3
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Today, Google released a new version of the Google Toolbar. This free browser tool now checks spelling, enables users to translate English text into 8 other languages.

Microsoft’s Key Windows Architect Defects To Google

According to Microsoft Watch, Mark Lucovsky, one of Microsoft’s key Windows architects, has defected to Google.

A JavaScript That Kills Google AutoLink Links

Chris and Gurtie at Search Guild have published a working script that webmasters can insert into their webpages that kills Google AutoLink links.

Google Changed the Toolbar Checksum Algorithm… Again!
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Olivier Duffez takes a look at Google’s changing of its Toolbar Checksum Algorithm.

Yahoo! Image Database Increases to 1.5 Billion Images

Yahoo! has just indicated that they now index more than 1.5 billion images in their Images Search Engine.