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Spotify Puts Lyrics in Its Desktop App

For those of you trying to learn a new song for karaoke night, Spotify has your back. Spotify is adding a lyrics button to its desktop app, which when clicked will display scrolling lyrics across the screen. The lyrics come from a partnership with Musixmatch, which sees Spotify integrate the service’s lyrics database into its player. Musixmatch has been available …

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Bing Desktop Adds Facebook Notifications, Inline Search & More

Bing announced today that it’s rolling out some new features for Bing Desktop. These include inline search, new desktop apps, an updated news experience and Facebook notifications. “Bing is continuing to build on the useful and convenient experience used by over 10 million people worldwide,” a Bing spokesperson tells WebProNews. Users can now search directly from a webpage, word document …

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Bing Desktop Expands To More Windows Versions, Languages

Bing has launched an update to Bing Desktop, expanding support to all versions of Windows, XP and higher, and adding four languages. Bing Desktop v1.1 lets you go back through 9 days worth of Bing homepage images and set them as your Windows Desktop background. “Bing Desktop also provides a fast and simple route to get search results,” says Bing …

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Analysts Predict PC Shipments To Fall For First Time Since 2001

How long ago did you buy a PC? Are you planning on picking one up anytime soon? If not, you’re probably joining the growing number of people who are moving to mobile devices instead of upgrading that old Windows XP desktop you bought in 2003. The movement from PC to mobile has been felt in the industry for quite a …

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Microsoft Reveals Kinect 3D Desktop (Video)

Microsoft has pushed the boundaries between physical and digital worlds with their popular gaming interface Kinect. Now they plan to test this technology in the desktop PC market, with a Kinect-intigrated 3D desktop. Microsoft Research reveals at their recent TechForum a prototype 3D desktop that allows users to manipulate 3D digital objects in real space. The desktop features a fold …

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