Spotify Puts Lyrics in Its Desktop App

Spotify Puts Lyrics in Its Desktop App

By Josh Wolford February 26, 2015

For those of you trying to learn a new song for karaoke night, Spotify has your back. Spotify is adding a lyrics button to its desktop app, which when clicked will display scrolling lyrics across the screen. The lyrics come …

TweetDeck Adds Some Popular Features

Twitter desktop and iPhone utility Tweetdeck, a popular time saver for managing your presence across multiple social networks, has released an upgrade which includes:

Google’s Online Marketing Challenge

Google needs a Google contest page to track their list of contests both past and present all in one place. They use contests in different ways (to get work for free, to train future employees, and to expose more people to their products).

AOL Brightens Up Its Desktop
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A new version of AOL Desktop bundles tabbed browsing, multiple email account management, and an “App Map” of all open application windows within the environment.

Social Suggestions for Google Reader

I know Google’s been trying to get more involved in the social game, but here are a few suggestions on how they can make the integration a little more seamless, and I’m totally name dropping Mihai Parparita so he catches this one ego surfing.


Currently when you mail yourself something you get this at the bottom of the email

Many Still Fooled by Spam

This is an off-topic post that I felt could not be missed. The Register wrote today about a type of email spam that is extremely common and rather obvious BUT surprisingly it appears some Internet users are still falling for it.

The article is worth the read if you have any concerns about what emails to read or not to read.

Forrester Sees Desktop Linux Scaring Microsoft

A lackluster reception for Windows Vista in the enterprise and some hard work by Linux vendors could be the harbinger of greater Linux adoption on desktops.

Google Desktop For Linux Gets An Update

If it’s really the thought that counts, then users are likely to be grateful for an upgrade to Google Desktop for Linux.  But in terms of practicality, it appears that the search giant may have partially misdirected its efforts.

Web-based IM That “Sticks” to Desktop

I’m not a heavy IM user anymore, so not sure Velvet Puffin’s Web-based instant messaging service will really take off the way that R. Chandrasekar is hoping it will (most of my IM traffic has gone to Twitter or Pownce) but it did do something worthy of note: You sign in with your Web browser and you get an IM client that looks like it’s part of the Web page.

Close the browser, though, and the IM client sticks around.

2008 to be “Year of Linux on the Desktop?”

On Saturday at the iPhoneDevCamp someone was showing me his computer. It was running Ubuntu. Linux.

I noted to myself that it finally got over some of the ugliness that turned me off of earlier Linux-on-the-desktop attempts. He showed me, and a few other people some of the cool things (much nicer 3D switching than even OSX has, for instance). Damn, I thought to myself, it’s time to give Linux another look.

New Windows Desktop Blog Client

Mariner Software is getting ready to release their new blogging client called WinJournal. If you’ve used a Mac, then you may be familiar with MacJournal. Well it’s the same idea, just for Windows users.

Google Desktop Arrives For The Mac

Earlier this week, Google announced the long-awaited release of its desktop client for Mac owners. Google Desktop users will be able to index content from their hard drive in order to find information about their documents, music, e-mails and pictures, as well as content from the web, quickly and easily.

CallWave Teams Up With Google Desktop

Google and CallWave have partnered to provide a text-messaging gadget for Google Desktop users. With the utility, users will be able to send text messages to any cell phone, while choosing to receive them either as an e-mail message or have them sent directly to their handset.

The service is currently still in beta, and allows subscribers to send unlimited text messages throughout the United States and Canada.

Google Desktop on Mac

After getting my new Mac yesterday, I am pleased to see that Google has just started supporting these beautiful machines. I’m a fan of Google Desktop, having used it on my last two machines and I enjoyed it quite a bit. However, I am disappointed to see that the Mac version will have no widgets or the toolbar yet. Being an organized sort, I rarely had the need to use the Google search on my desktop. My primary joy with the package was the widgets.

WordPress – Extra Text Editing

A client asked me today for more control in their Wordpress control panel. Specifically, when posting they wanted to control the font sizes, colors and do a bit more. As a designer I always freak at that question as I think the code is going to be filled with massive amounts of font tags and out of order strong tags and ohhh the madness. But, then again, maybe I’m overreacting.

Dell Confirms Linux Offerings
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Several weeks ago, rumors began swirling about Dell’s potential plan to begin offering its customers a choice between Windows or Linux operating system for PCs and notebooks.

Google Desktop Receives A Makeover

Even though Windows Vista hasn’t been received with quite the fanfare Microsoft would have liked, the fact remains that the integrated desktop search functionality represents a potential snag in Google’s master plan for continued dominance within the industry.