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Dental Coma After Woman Has Teeth Pulled

A mother in Hawaii is in a coma following an appointment to have her wisdom teeth taken out. The New York Daily News reports that Kristen Tavares, 23, of Hilo, Hawaii, went into cardiac arrest during surgery by Dr. John Stover, her dentist. They also report that Dr. Stover has had 4 complaints filed against him since 2010 for other …

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Jolly Rancher Takes Out NFL Player

Personal confession: Around mile 19 of the 2010 Georgia Marathon, I accepted a Jolly Rancher from a roadside spectator, and, breathing very hard (as one at mile 19 is wont to do), nearly choked to death on the sweet taste of sour apple. So I know the dangers of the finest of hard candies. So, apparently, does Dallas Cowboys safety …

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One More Day to Get Plants vs. Zombies For Free

Last month, PopCap Games, the makers of Plants vs. Zombies, teamed up with the American Dental Association to “stop zombie mouth.” The campaign distributed over 1 million Plants vs. Zombies trading cards and educated kids on the importance of dental hygiene. Along with the trading cards, PopCap was giving away copies of Plants vs. Zombies for free with a redeemable …

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PopCap Gives Away Plants vs. Zombies For Oral Health

PopCap games and the American Dental Association (ADA) this weekend announced that dentists across the U.S. will be handing out packs of Plants vs. Zombies trading cards featuring characters from the game. Each card pack also includes a coupon redeemable for a free copy of the PC/Mac edition of Plants vs. Zombies. The giveaway is part of the “Stop Zombie …

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Dentist Removes Ex-Boyfriend’s Teeth? Not Hardly

Last week, yours truly penned a little article about a poor Polish chap who had all of his teeth surgically removed by his vengeful ex-girlfriend. The story proved to be quite popular, capturing the imagination of people all over the world who have often dreamed of performing unspeakable acts upon their ex-boyfriends and/or ex-girlfriends. Although the story was kind of …

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Dentist Removes Ex’s Teeth: Twitter Reacts

Dentist removes ex’s teeth isn’t the sort of headline you read everyday, so excuse me if I find derive some demented glee from this sick little story. Here’s some solid advice: If your significant other is a medical professional, you might want to consider treating them right. If, for some reason, the two of you decide to split, it might …

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