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Pride Parade in Russia Leads to Arrests

Pride Parades in the U.S. this weekend come hot on the heels of victories for marriage equality advocates. The U.S. Supreme Court declared the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996 to be unconstitutional. Proposition 8 in California, which banned same-sex marriage in that state, was confirmed to also be unconstitutional. But even without the extra victories for marriage equality in …

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Advocates to FCC: Forbid Cell Phone Jamming

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, Public Knowledge, and the Center for Democracy and Technology have implored the Federal Communications Commission to prohibit federal, state, and local governments from resorting to cell phone shutdowns. The request stems an FCC inquiry from 2011 regarding the incident where the Bay Area Transit Authority shut down cell phone activity in order to hopefully suppress protests …

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Internet Use Promotes Democracy in Free Countries

Although use of the internet has been credited with helping spur democratic revolutions in the Arab world and elsewhere, a new multinational study suggests the internet is most likely to play a role only in specific situations. Researchers at Ohio State University found that the internet spurs pro-democratic attitudes most in countries that already have introduced some reforms in that …

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