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AARP And Social Security Benefits

If you’re not 50 or older, you may not be interested in AARP – the American Association of Retired Persons. AARP is a group designed to help retirees with their financial lives after the age of retirement – 62 years old. The requirement to join this advocacy group for older folks heading into retirement age is that you have reached …

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Stamps Increase: USPS Seeks To Raise The Price

The USPS is seeking to increase the price of stamps, which will certainly be disapproved of by American citizens. The postal service is planning a 3-cent increase, which would raise the price to 49 cents, in order to mail a letter. The proposal of this rate increase must be approved by the independent Postal Regulatory Commission. If accepted, the increase …

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NPR Buyouts: Plan To Cut Staff By 10%

NPR announced on Friday that it will attempt to reduce its staff by about 10% through voluntary buyouts, in order to balance the budget. NPR is a very popular source of news and entertainment for many people, and it is sad to hear of news like this. Hopefully people will not have to miss out on too many of their …

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