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Never Use Your Debit Card During Security Breach

In light of the recent security breach at Target and now Neiman Marcus (NM) the topic has been on a lot of people’s minds. Which card is better, debit or credit, when looking at extra protection needed during this crisis? An investigation by F.B.I., The Secret Service, the Justice Department and numerous others found that hackers stole the personal information …

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Target Corp Says PIN Numbers Have Been Stolen

It’s been a bad end of the year for Target Corp. and it seems that things just got worse. Yesterday the company announced that credit and debit card PIN numbers were stolen from customers, along with the actual account information that was breached earlier this month. However, store officials say they’re relying on Triple DES encryption backup and feel confident …

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PayPal Makes It Easier To Pay With Prepaid Gift Cards

PayPal announced that it now supports prepaid gift cards in that consumers can use them anywhere that accepts PayPal. This is just in time for the holidays, when many people will be getting these cards as gifts. As PayPal explains, these gifts often come with a burden attached to them. “A lot of e-commerce sites can’t or won’t accept it …

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Google Wallet Now Lets You Add Credit/Debit Cards By Snapping Pictures

Earlier this week, Google unveiled the Google Wallet Card, a physical card that you can use to pay for things at stores using your Google Wallet account. Google has now updated its Google Wallet app for Android, adding another big feature. You can now add credit and debit cards to your account by taking pictures of them. “Add a credit/debit …

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Twitter Account Highlights Stupidity By Retweeting People Who Post Photos Of Their Debit Cards

Why this has to exist is saddening, and it engenders hopeless feelings for the survival of the human race. But the fact that it does exist is pretty amazing. I’m talking about a new Twitter account called @NeedADebitCard, whose sole purpose has been retweeting people who share un-edited photos of their debits cards on the network. That’s right – there …

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Bank of America Rolls Out Discount Service

Bank of America is the latest to jump on the trend of offering consumers deals through online discounts. Reuters reports that Bank of America rolled out its new Groupon-like service Wednesday that allows consumers to receive deals from retailers based on their prior spending. Customers will receive offers through the bank’s Web site and be awarded through cash payments once …

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