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Giant Asteroid “Speckles” Analyzed by NASA’s Dawn

New images released by NASA have provided scientists their best view yet of the black spots seen on the surface of the giant asteroid Vesta. The new research suggests that the protoplanet may have received the carbon-rich material through large …

NASA Finds Mysterious Gullies on Asteroid Vesta’s Surface
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NASA’s Dawn mission has returned images from the giant asteroid Vesta that scientists say include long, narrow gullies along the walls of relatively young craters. The discovery has revealed a mystery that scientists are now trying to solve. The images …

NASA’s Dawn Discovers ‘Young’ Surface on Asteroid
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NASA announced today that data from its Dawn probe show the giant asteroid Vesta is constantly “stirring” its surface, presenting a “young” appearance. The type of weathering that occurs on airless bodies, such as the moon, does not alter Vesta’s …