Datacenter Articles

Microsoft Plans Datacenter For Siberia
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The regularly chilly but increasingly industrialized city of Irkutsk will have Microsoft as a datacenter resident.

Microsoft Spending $500M On Chicago Datacenter

A project to construct a massive datacenter near Chicago complements Microsoft’s establishment of other centers in Washington State and near San Antonio.

Hitwise Launches Retail Data Center to Public
Hitwise, announced the launch of its new Retail Data Center. This publicly available website provides weekly online shopping trend data, based on how U.S. Internet users interact with more than 20,000 online shopping sites, across 21 shopping categories such as Video Games, Electronics and Apparel.

Google Patent Moves It Closer To GoogleNet
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A mobile datacenter patent has been issued to Google based on its December 2003 filing, giving the company a technology similar to that of Sun’s Project Blackbox.

Carolina’s Google Tax Breaks Irk Locals

The North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law (NCICL) has called the $165 million in tax incentives for Google “unusual” and challenged the deal in court.

New Google Backlink Update

Google Rumors. Dan Thies wants to stop some dangerous Google rumors. Read his feature article here.