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GoDaddy And Friends Rescue RegisterFly Database
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It was a team effort, but GoDaddy.com was the main mover; it’s this domain name registrar that “will take over the entire portfolio of more than 850,000 generic top-level domain (gTLD) names held by RegisterFly.”

GoDaddy And Friends Rescue RegisterFly Database
“GoDaddy And Friends Rescue RegisterFly Database”
GoDaddy And Friends Rescue RegisterFly Database

Global Terrorism Database Made Public
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It isn’t an accident; the world’s largest database of terrorism attacks has been made available for researchers of all types.

Moving a WordPress Blog

Having recently moved a few Wordpress blogs from one host to another, I thought I’d write up a quick ho-to. It’s actually quite painless.

Citizen Media Resource from Knight Foundation

The Knight Foundation has launched a website aimed at helping “citizen journalism” or community media operations find resources and best practices.

Called the Knight Citizen News Network, it’s managed by J-Lab — the Institute for Interactive Journalism — with content created in part by Dan Gillmor of the Center for Citizen Media and by Amy Gahran of I, Reporter (as well as Right Conversations and the Poynter Institute’s E-Media Tidbits).

EDM and IT Operations

I saw an interesting article on DM Direct (DM Review‘s email newsletter) today – Leveraging Decision Automation in Database Administration.

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Search term: “mysql WASCE”

Google Bug Tracker – Unofficial

Philipp posts about Wouter Schut, who decided that if Google was going to do such a poor job responding to users who send them emails about bugs and suggestions, he was going to create a public bug tracking database himself.

Compact an Access Database from .NET

Over time, a database becomes fragmented when it is used. This makes it grow in size and perform badly. Not the two qualities you want for your mission-critical data.

Oracle Responds To Information Security Critics

Oracle the Database Company is taking time out on its corporate blog to address a number of critics on the security of Oracle Databases.

The What, Why, and How of Database Cleansing
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Firstly the “What” – Cleaning a database is done to:

Building Database Enabled Websites

Moving from Simple Desktop applications with Microsoft Access , Paradox as the backend databases to the more robust SYBASE (db-library) , ORACLE , Microsoft SQL SERVER used in Client Server architecture with ODBC , OLEDB , TUXEDO frameworks we have moved to the Web based systems widely using Mysql , Microsoft SQL SERVER,ORACLE, POSTGRESQL databases as some of the backend supporters.

Cities Database Free Edition

Another POI database is on the market in the GeoDataSource Cities Database product. The company has several flavors that run as much as $1,000+. A free product is available to those who register.

Microsoft Access Database Optimization

There is a common “patchwork” philosophy in IT departments throughout the world that gives the idea that altering, changing, and fixing poorly designed databases is how you correct the problems – as opposed to starting from the ground-up and re-working a system.

Ingres Christens Project Icebreaker

The open source database company Ingres teamed with another open source player to deliver Icebreaker, a way to place database services on a server with no operating system required.

Ancestry.com Expands Database A Lot

“The year was 1850. Gold was discovered in California. The Scarlet Letter’ was published. Where were your ancestors?” That’s the advertising line attached to Ancestry.com’s latest update: complete census records from 1790 to 1930.

Vendidi: Database Application Framework

Vendidi Framework allows you to create Windows and Web applications, handling a data structure through a logical schema able to organize and interact, between them, data and parties.

Boompa: Your Garage Online

There are roughly two cars for every person in the United States. To some, these vehicles represent simple transports – efficient means to get from point A to point B. But to others, cars are objects worthy of fanatical attention. The new web startup Boompa is for that latter set.

Visual Studio Has Database Developer Client

Microsoft has added support for database professionals in the latest version of Team Edition for Visual Studio.

Infinity/Toplists To Create US SMS Database

Infinity Acquisition Corp., Inc. has teamed up with Toplists.com to create what they contend may be the largest and most comprehensive list of “SMS” wireless numbers in the United States.

Ingres Reborn For Another DB Choice

We touched on several database choices for developers in a recent article, and another one that has been less publicized than most also deserves a look.

Database Queries

This is a basic tutorial to teach newbies how to query a MySQL database using PHP, and how to display the results.