Obama’s New App Puts a Lot of Trust in Volunteers’ Scruples

Obama’s New App Puts a Lot of Trust in Volunteers’ Scruples

By Drew Bowling June 22, 2012 | 1 Comment

Even the people living under rocks know that this is a presidential election year in the United States, meaning both candidates, President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney, have been amping up the ways to get out the vote. As …

Google Base Gets New Bulk Upload Dashboard

Buying in bulk is great until you actually have to transport and store 50 gallons of peanut butter or whatever else is at stake.  Uploading in bulk also has its share of problems, but Google Base has introduced a new bulk upload dashboard to make things simpler.

Review: Trackback Spider

What Does Trackback Spider Do?

From what I have read on the pre-release materials, it sends trackback notifications to create one-way links to your website.

That means:-

WordPress.coms New Dashboard

Oh, how I hate change!

Windows Live Essentials/Dashboard

LiveSide reveals the Windows Live Dashboard, a program that acts as a center for Windows Live desktop applications.

Google Base Adds Traffic Stats

The Google Base team added a few new features to its “My items” dashboard, allowing merchants to monitor search engine results pages (SERPs) impression, click-throughs, and page views.

Google Dashboard Widgets

Google has some Mac OS Dashboard widgets they put up this week.

Enterprise Dashboard Best Practices Netcast Coming Up

It is very important for enterprises to have relevant information about the processes of customers as well as business processes.

Google Sidebar Tops Apple Dashboard

A Gartner analyst finds lots to like about Desktop 2, and favors it over the widgets of Yahoo and Apple.

Gmail Widget Available For OS X Users
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When Apple debuted the highly praised OS X, one of the inclusions was Dashboard, a utility that allows users to develop widgets to increase the functionality of their computing experience.

Answers.com Approved For NASDAQ

The parent company of Answers.com, GuruNet Corporation, announced it will start trading on NASDAQ in August.

Prediction: Marketing And Lead Generation Dashboards Will Likely Be A Hot Topic

As marketing performance management (MPM) evolves, I anticipate that marketing and lead generation dashboards will likely be a hot topic.

Google PageRank Dashboard Widget Released For Mac
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Because the Google Toolbar is only designed for Internet Explorer, if other browser users want to view a site’s Google PageRank, they have to install different types of extensions and what not to do so.

Mac OS X Tiger: A Blogging Perspective

Last night I was in town and treated myself to the new OSX – Tiger. This afternoon I’ve installed it and have been playing around with it – asking myself how it will improve my blogging.

Apple To Ship Tiger On April 29

Apple’s new version of their OS X operating system, called Tiger, is preparing to hit the market, and it appears it will do so running at full speed. Boasting over 200 new features, including one of the more robust desktop search applications, Tiger seems to be in a position to become one of, if not the, best operating system available to computer users.

Mac OS X Tiger Set For April 29 Launch

Apple is preparing to go to another level with its upcoming OS. Offering what is being called “The World’s Most Advanced Operating System,” today Apple announced the highly anticipated next version of its Mac OS X, which now resides at 10.4, called Tiger will be available to consumers on Friday, April 29th.

The Ultimate Web Traffic Dashboard

The most frequently asked question I get from clients is, “What should we measure on our Web site?”