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‘Star Wars’ Comics to be Published by Marvel

In a move that was fairly inevitable, Disney and Lucasfilm today announced that Marvel Entertainment will be publishing Star Wars comics for the foreseeable future. Marvel is a subsidiary of Disney, as it Lucasfilm, which was purchased in 2012 from George Lucas for over $4 billion. Starting in 2015 Marvel will have exclusive rights to both create and publish Star …

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‘The Witcher’ Comic Books Coming Early Next Year

Video game comic books are beginning to become quite the trend. Even unproven games such as Ryse: Son of Rome are getting their own comics before they are even released. Today, though, Dark Horse Comics announced one of the most appropriate gaming comics in recent memory. The Witcher series will be serialized by the publisher in what it describes as …

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New Star Wars Comic to Adapt Lucas’ First Draft

Many Star Wars fans would argue that the screenplays for the newest Star Wars movies could have used a few more drafts, but almost all of them would consider changes to the original Star Wars movie to be sacrilege. It’s an amazing phenomenon, then, that Star Wars has become so popular that even George Lucas’ early drafts of the movie …

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The Legend Of Zelda: Hyrule Historia Gets A Trailer

Nintendo is known for charting new territory in gaming. The Wii transformed the industry, and the Wii U may just do it again. Beyond game consoles, however, Nintendo is also changing the world of books by creating what may be the world’s first book trailer. Nintendo and Dark Horse Comics will publish The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia early next …

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