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Monica Lewinsky Stepping Up to TED Talk

Monica Lewinsky has a novel approach to living down her past life. For years she has run from the specter of that blue dress, tried to distance herself from the shadow of her affair with President Bill Clinton, tried to …

Monica Lewinsky To Help Victims of Cyber-Bullying

Monica Lewinsky has taken on a new role in society. The former disgraced White House intern has emerged from the shadows and will now be an advocate for bullied kids. Monica Lewinsky was one of the first people to be …

Monica Lewinsky Talks Falling in Love With Bill Clinton

Monica Lewinsky has a new goal in life–ending cyber bullying. But in the meantime she has managed to rehash–a.k.a. justify–her actions while serving as an intern under former President Bill Clinton. Lewinsky spoke Monday at the Forbes Under 30 Summit …

Amanda Todd’s Cyber-Bully Arrested in the Netherlands

After almost two years, a breakthrough in the case of Amanda Todd, the Canadian teen who was bullied to death over the internet, has been made. The Dutch police have made an arrest and filed charges against the man who …

Arizona’s Cyber-Bullying Law May Be Revised

Arizona’s cyber-bullying law has passed both the state House and Senate. House Bill 2549 law will become official once Governor Jan Brewer approves the piece of legislation. But lawmakers are concerned that the law could result in over censoring and …

Demi Lovato Urges Fans To “Stay Strong” Against Cyber Bullying Demi Lovato Urges Fans To “Stay Strong” Against Cyber Bullying
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Disney star Demi Lovato wants to make it known that cyber-bullying should not be tolerated by anyone. The 20 year-old, whose new album Unbroken is now available, says she was a victim of bullying and turned to cutting herself to …

Don’t Let YouTube Comments Come Back to Haunt You
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YouTube has just initiated a feature that allows users who leave comments on videos to delete those comments. Now when you put your foot in your mouth, you can take it back out.

"Whether you misspelled ‘pwned’, back in the day when you were just a n00b to the internets, or you simply said something you wish you could take back – now you can remove your commentary at any time," says a post from the YouTube Team.

Cyber-Bullying Increases

Around two-thirds of children who say they have been bullied online have not received any previous form of harassment according to research from the University of California at Riverside published in the Journal of Adolescent Health.