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Google Custom Search Gets Better Sort And Filter Results Google Custom Search Gets Better Sort And Filter Results
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If you own a Web site, you might use Google’s Custom Search Engine to help visitors find stuff on your site. I’ve always found it to be pretty accurate, but Google is adding more improvements to custom search in the …

Google Custom Search Becoming More Streamlined Google Custom Search Becoming More Streamlined

People at Google must be working overtime to make all of their properties look cleaner and perform better for users and administrators alike. The next service to get the a new design is Google Custom Search. Dana Bright, a UI …

Google’s Year in Custom Search

Google’s Custom Search turned three in 2009, and it had arguably its biggest year to date. The technology is powering "many tens of millions" of queries a day on millions of sites, according to the company.

As many others are doing, Google is reminiscing about the year that is almost over, and reflecting upon some of its accomplishments. The Custom Search Team specifically is reflecting on some of its highlights for 3009.

Google Does Some New Things with Custom Search
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Last week Google’s Custom Search offering turned 3, and the company launched Custom Search for smartphones. Now Google has launched a couple of additional features for Custom Search, as well as a Custom Search Wikipedia skin.

When a Wikipedia user enables the Custom Search skin, he/she will be able to use Google Custom Search across all Wikipedia articles for a given topic and find relevant pages linked from the Wikipedia page that he/she is currently on. Search results will appear inline at the top of the Wikipedia page.

Google Launches Custom Search For Smartphones

Google has launched Custom Search for smartphones. This means that if you own a site and add a Google Custom Search box to it, it will format search results to fit the screens of supported mobile devices.

The following devices are supported:

On-Demand XML Sitemaps for Custom Search

Google has come up with another nice webmaster tool.

AdSense For Search, Custom Search Come Together
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The opportunity to improve a site’s search experience should never be passed up.  The opportunity to make money should be absolutely lunged at.  So since the development should create both, site owners are almost guaranteed to be happy that AdSense for Search is now powered by Custom Search.