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Allergy Treatments: From Pharmacy To Self-Hypnosis

Feeling like the respiratory spasmodic little dude from Snow White this summer? While that anticipated pollen vortex was not nearly as unpleasant as expected, we may not be out of the woods – so to speak. Experts concede that the most intense of summer allergies may be yet to come. For some of us that signifies a series of sneezing …

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HIV Cured in U.S. Infant Through Early Treatment

Doctors at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center are reporting a “functional cure” of an HIV-infected infant. The infant, known only to have been born in Mississippi, was given antiretroviral therapy (ART) within 30 hours after its birth. Doctors believe the early treatment may have stopped the HIV virus from forming viral reservoirs that can reignite the infection after treatment ends. …

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Deafness Cure Demonstrated in Gerbils Using Stem Cells

Researchers at the University of Sheffield have developed a possible cure for deafness that utilizes human embryonic stem cells, turning them into ear cells. The researchers found that when they transplanted human embryonic stem cells into deaf gerbils, the gerbils gained an average “functional recovery” of 46%. This recovery took only four weeks from when the cells were first administered. …

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New Drug May Cure Common Cold

As we start to approach allergy season here in the United States, many people will start to acquire the common cold. When people are infected with the common cold, there is only one thought on their minds “I want this gone now!” For temporary relief, there are various antibiotics on the market that help relieve symptoms to help you feel …

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