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More People Think Facebook, Twitter Negatively Affect News Quality

A new survey from Craig Newmark’s pro-philanthropy initiative, craigconnects, shows that social media isn’t really making any headway in changing how people get news about politics and elections. Furthermore, most who participated in the survey said that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter had a negative effect on the quality of news in the United States. It’s not just …

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Craigslist Founder Announces New Site

Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist, is trying something new – and substantial – today.  This morning, he launched Craigconnects, an initiative (and website) designed to encourage and trigger charitable acts all over the world. Craigconnects isn’t intended to be any sort of side project or hobby for Newmark.  In a video introduction, Newmark mentioned his ties to Craigslist, then …

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