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Here’s How Facebook Just Redefined Cost Per Click

Facebook is changing how it measures cost per click (CPC) for advertisers. This comes as part of its latest Ads API release. From now on, CPC will only account for what Facebook calls “link clicks,” which are clicks related to certain ad objectives like: visiting another site, installing an app, or viewing a video on another site. This also includes …

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Facebook CTRs Up A Whopping 260% Year-Over-Year [Report]

Click-through rates for Facebook ads have gotten tremendously better over the past year if findings in a new report are any indication. This comes as advertisers adopt different types of ads and become less reliant on organic post reach, which has declined significantly for many of them. Nanigans released its Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report for Q1, which it says …

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Google’s Mobile CPC Message: Give It Time

Google released its Q1 earnings report on Thursday, which included another quarter of decline in cost-per-click, an area which has drawn concern from shareholders and analysts since this happened last quarter. In Q4, the decline was 8%. This time it was 12% (year-over-year). There has been lot of concern with mobile in particular. People are searching with Google using mobile …

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Google Launches Enhanced CPC for AdWords

Google has announced the launch of Enhanced CPC, a new automated bidding feature in AdWords, aimed at helping users improve ROI on campaigns with manual bidding. It uses the campaign’s historical conversion tracking data to automatically adjust the Max CPC bid based on the likelihood that the ad will convert.

Google says this should lead to more conversions while reducing the overall CPA. Take a look at this video:

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