Australian ISP Tells Entertainment Industry To Start Offering Better Service

Australian ISP Tells Entertainment Industry To Start Offering Better Service

By Zach Walton December 17, 2012

After numerous delays, the six largest ISPs in America will be joining forces with rights holders to implement a six-strikes policy. The program will seek to educate Internet users on legal methods for obtaining content online. There’s already a discussion …

Grooveshark sued by EMI Music Grooveshark sued by EMI Music

Well, this will probably going to be detrimental to my future work productivity. Due to what it claims is a failure to receive any royalty kickbacks, EMI Music Publishing has filed a lawsuit against Grooveshark’s parent company, Escape Media Group. …

What’s Sotomayor’s Stance On Intellectual Property?


As Big Content continues its assault on network neutrality, privacy, personal and digital freedom, and stacks government with industry friendly insiders, President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor should be heavily scrutinized regarding her stance on intellectual property and copyright issues.

MPAA Study Calls For Piracy Patriot Act

A new study commissioned by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and produced by RAND links the film piracy trade to terrorism, drug cartels, and human trafficking, and calls upon governments to do more about intellectual property protection. But what it really is is another attempt to convince governments to spy on everybody on behalf of one mafia trying to muscle out other mafias.

Mr. Hurley Goes To Washington

Capitol Hill got a little surreal this week as YouTube CEO and founder Chad Hurley got yanked in font of the House telecommunications subcommittee to discuss the future of video.

Google to Viacom: No Violation Of Copyrights

A couple of days back the news surfaced that Viacom has sued Google for compensations accounting to 1$ billion for violating the copyright policy. In their defense they claim that they have always followed the rules and regulations pertaining to copyrights.

Contracts, Copyrights & Web-Related Services

What’s the deal with contracts, copyrights and Web-Related Services?

You’d think the answer to this question would be simple-always sign a contract, period- but it isn’t.

While this question applies over a broad spectrum of fields, it is especially ambiguous in the freelance world. This series of articles is geared towards individuals or companies looking to hire service providers like web designers, copywriters and internet marketers on a contract or freelance basis.

Java Not True Test of Open Source Innovation

My thesis advisor keeps reminding me to frame the question correctly, otherwise the experimental results will be meaningless.

A Quick Guide To Content Copyrights

Copyright and intellectual property rights will be a big issue for webmasters in the coming years. Google’s Book Search offering caused quite a stir with publishers this year and the new music search function may or may not be an issue, depending on how the function is perceived by the music industry. This article will address some of the questions surround Fair Use and copyright law, especially as it pertains to music lyrics.

Protect Your Ideas With Copyrights and Patents
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Q: Can you tell me the difference between a copyright and a patent? Also is that something I should let a lawyer handle for me?

Things You Might Like to Know about Copyrights

You may be under the false impression that before you can get your text published, you must “get the copyright” to your own written material. You might also think that in order to get the copyright, you must “apply” for it. This is just not so. In the following few paragraphs, I’ll give you some simple facts about copyrights that may help you in your quest to get published.