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Australian ISP Tells Entertainment Industry To Start Offering Better Service

After numerous delays, the six largest ISPs in America will be joining forces with rights holders to implement a six-strikes policy. The program will seek to educate Internet users on legal methods for obtaining content online. There’s already a discussion for a similar program in Australia, but one of the nation’s leading ISPs has just walked out of those talks. …

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Alleged Copyright Infringers Could Be Outted By ISPs, EU Court Rules

Earlier this month, a District Court in California ruled against a copyright holder who had wished to obtain the identity of a number of BitTorrent users by subpoenaing the ISP identified with the piracy. The copyright holder, Hard Drive Productions, wanted the IP addresses of the users who participated in the illegal file-sharing but didn’t wish to pursue the matter …

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White House Still Opposes SOPA, PIPA

The White House appears to mean what it said in March when it told supporters that it’s not ignoring the We the People petitions. As if to affirm that pledge, the Obama Administration restated in the 2011 Annual Report on Intellectual Property Enforcement released today that they still believe that the Protect IP Act and Stop Online Privacy Act introduced …

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Google Chimes In On MPAA’s Suit Against Hotfile

Emboldened by the takedown of Megaupload, the Motion Picture Association of America continues its crusade against file-sharing sites with its latest target, Hotfile, a file-sharing site. The MPAA, however, might have unexpectedly found itself in a bigger opponent than it bargained for as Google unexpectedly entered the legal fray by lending its clout and legal experience to Hotfile’s defense. In …

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SOPA Author Lamar Smith: Copyright Violator?

Our chief SOPA correspondent is out of the office today but this story from VICE magazine was really too good to leave uncovered here at WPN, so I’m tagging in to share the story. So if you’ve been following the saga of SOPA, you are likely familiar with the author of the bill, Rep. Lamar Smith. He’s been a regular …

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Grooveshark sued by EMI Music

Well, this will probably going to be detrimental to my future work productivity. Due to what it claims is a failure to receive any royalty kickbacks, EMI Music Publishing has filed a lawsuit against Grooveshark’s parent company, Escape Media Group. The New York Times explains: In the suit, filed in New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan, EMI seeks unspecified …

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