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Girl Scouts Celebrate 100 Year Anniversary

Before I begin this article, let me personally state my congratulations to the Girl Scouts organization, who is responsible for what I consider to be one of the greatest foods this green Earth has ever seen – the Thin Mint. …

Facebook Tracking Logged Out Users? Re-enables Cookie in Question. Facebook Tracking Logged Out Users? Re-enables Cookie in Question.
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Last month, we reported on Facebook’s use of tracking cookies that allow the company to track users’ web activity even when they’re logged out of Facebook, though Facebook maintains they’re not used for tracking purposes. The issue was brought up …

Is Facebook Tracking Everywhere You Go Online? Is Facebook Tracking Everywhere You Go Online?
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Is it possible that Facebook is tracking your web browsing activity, even when you are logged out? According to Australian hacker and writer Nik Cubrilovic, Facebook could know that you are reading this article, simply because we, like most sites …

Users Views On Cookies Mixed

The majority of U.S. Internet users do not delete cookies, according to a study from

Google Crunches Its Cookies Faster
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Ongoing privacy concerns have pressured Google into announcing a change with the cookies they use to remember a user’s preferences.

ComScore Bakes Cookie Deletion Study

A controversial white paper on the impact of cookie deletion and the effectiveness of the analytics that depend on them has been made public.

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft & Cookies

Wednesday there was an article on ZDNET blog about how Google/Doublelclick, Yahoo/RightMedia and Microsoft/aQuantive deals are about cookies more than anything else.

comScore – The Great Debate
By now, nearly everyone in the web analytics community is abuzz over the recent release by comScore of a study on cookie deletion rates. comScore tracked a specific web site (advertised as a portal) and one 3rd Party Ad Serving network against a panel of 400,000 users. During the study, comScore measured how often the 1st Party cookies (issued by the portal) and the 3rd Party cookies (issued by an Ad Serving Network) were deleted and replaced. The results can fairly be described as startling in several respects.

ComScore: Cookie Crunch Causes Crummy Counts
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Counting the online audience through the use of cookies may be overstating the size of the audience for websites, due to Internet users deleting cookies from their machines.

Learn About Your Cookies

A fellow Right Media employee, friend, and one of the smartest ad guys I know named Mike Nolet is now blogging at MikeOnAds.com.

Online Dieters Learn You Can’t Eat Web Cookies

We kick the dirt as we return to work after the holidays, noticing as we button those new pants from Mom that they’re a little snug. Okay, a lot snug. It’s comforting to know we’re not alone, as visits to dieting websites spiked by 57 percent on New Year’s Day.

D Is For Deleted Cookie

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) conducted research into third-party cookies and discovered about 12 percent of Internet users routinely reject those cookies from being accepted.

Google’s New Look Through Javascript

ZDNet’s “Googling Google” blogger Garett Rogers found a Javascript trick that unveils the occasionally glimpsed new look of Google’s search results to Firefox users.

Viruses & Spyware Don’t Taste Like Cookies
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When I first started working with computers a little over ten years ago I had never heard about viruses.

Using Cookies with PHP

Using cookies in PHP is a fairly easy task. As you know, you can store information in a cookie that can be used later on.

Cookies Compared To TVs Tracking Usage

The question of web sites using cookies has returned as spyware gets more focus from the public and lawmakers.

Cookies and PIE – An Introduction to Flash Security

Web-enabled consumers are tossing their cookies in greater numbers; and although this phenomenon is related to the stomach-churning activities of some Internet marketers and their offerings, it has more to do with taking back control of their Web browsing, and less to do with violent physiological reactions to bad snack food.

Cookies vs Flash For Client Side Storage

I have mixed thoughts regarding the dispute between using cookies to store client side data [session vars, userid’s, affiliate codes, etc…] versus using cookies to store the data.

Users Removing Cookies causes Trouble for Marketers

Jupiter has a press release about a new study that finds that up to 39% of users may be deleting cookies on a monthly basis.

PHP and Cookies; a Good Mix!

Cookies have long been used in PHP scripts, and are a very useful function. But what exactly are cookies? Maybe you have used then, but you still don’t know exactly what they are. Or you are completely new to cookies?

Revived Spyware Bill Could Crunch Cookies

ClickZ reports on a new anti-spyware bill that, while a good idea in principle, could cause havoc in its current written state.

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