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Google Wants a More Private Web, Will Not Build ‘Alternate Identifiers’ to Replace Cookies
Google has announced it has no intention to build or use “alternate identifiers” as a replacement to cookies for tracking individuals....
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Firefox Introduces Total Cookie Protection
The latest release of Mozilla’s Firefox includes a significant privacy upgrade, introducing Total Cookie Protection....
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Advertisers Balk At Google’s Plan To Kill Third-Party Cookies
In what is a surprise to no one, advertisers are begging Google not to kill third-party cookies in Chrome, according to CNBC. Google announced earlier...
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Google Restricting Cookies In Chrome To Improve Privacy
The days of cookies may be coming to an end as Google announces its plans to phase out third-party cookies within two years. The first indications of ...
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New Girl Scout Cookies Are Coming to Surely Wreck Your Resolutions
Oh, it’s not like you were really going to stop eating sweets forever. Here in time to bust your diets, the Girl Scouts organization has just an...
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Vagina Cookies: Second Grade Class Gets A Surprise
Everyone loves a cookie, but how about cookies shaped like vaginas? Seems a little strange right? One second grade class got a snack and an anatomy le...
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Vagina Cookies: Feminism Gone Wrong?
Vagina-shaped cookies may seem like a great idea if you are an opinionated mother with a self-serving agenda. One woman thought a request to bake cook...
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Cookie Dough Oreos Will Be Your New Favorite Treat
It was only a few months ago when researchers were trying to prove that Oreos weren’t addictive – but that was before we knew about cookie...
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Christmas Cookie Recipes That Will Please Everyone
Making Christmas cookies is a tradition for many families. Some families make them to deliver to friends, family and neighbors, some make them to take...
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Google Pays $17 Million To States Over ‘Safari-Gate’
Last year, Google was handed the largest fine for a single company in FTC history when it was penalized to the tune of $22.5 million in relation to th...
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Kroger Cookie Dough Recalled Due to Mispackage
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced this week that ConAgra Foods is recalling some Kroger-branded “Break ‘N Bake” ...
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Pinterest Now Tracks You Automatically, Lets You Opt Out
In an effort to make you “feel like Pinterest is really yours,” the social network is beginning to implement a new personalization feature...
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Advertisers’ Proposal Gets Rejected In Latest Do Not Track Negotiations
Earlier this year, the Do Not Track debate ran into a snag as the advertising groups and privacy proponents couldn’t even agree to disagree on a...
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Twitter Starts ‘Experimenting’ with Cookie & Email-Based Ad Targeting
Twitter is beginning to “experiment” with what they call “tailored ads,” which should look familiar to you and me as email-bas...
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Advertisers Still Hate Mozilla’s Tracking Policy
For a while there, it looked like the online advertising industry was going to catch a breather as Mozilla worked on a new cookie policy. Its vacation...
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Mozilla Might Have Just Solved Its Cookie Problem
Mozilla enraged advertisers earlier this year when it said it would block all third-party cookies in its popular Firefox browser. Those same advertise...
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Watermelon Oreos to be Offered For a Limited Time
A new flavor of Oreo cookies is coming for summer, and it might not be what you expect. The cookie brand is now selling a limited edition run of Water...
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Mozilla Has Decided Not To Block Cookies In Firefox Just Yet
Online advertisers have been nervous the past few weeks as Mozilla moved forward with its plans to block third-party cookies by default in its Firefox...
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Mozilla’s Cookie Policy Writer Slams Advertisers, Says They Refuse To Negotiate
It was revealed in March that Mozilla would start to disable third-party cookies by default in its Firefox browser. The non-profit says it’s onl...
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Facebook Brings Real-Time, Cookie-Based FBX Ads to Your News Feed
Facebook is bringing its relatively new Exchange ads to your desktop news feed in an alpha test that will expand the scope of the re-targeted ads that...
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