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Google Talks Conversion Tracking In Hangout Google Talks Conversion Tracking In Hangout

Google just shared a new Hangout on Air about conversion tracking. Here’s what to expect: Join Mairead and the AdWords Team for the first of a two part series on improving your Return on Investment. This week, the team discuss …

Track How Effective Your Online Marketing Efforts are Offline

Tracking offline conversions has been a challenge for businesses for years. As long as the Internet has been widely used to drive business, tracking online marketing efforts to offline purchases has been no easy feat, but while there is no silver bullet approach, rest assured, there are ways to make it easier.

Google Gives Advertisers More Tracking Options
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Google has announced a new feature for the Google Content Network called View-Through Conversion Reporting. The feature is designed to help advertisers better measure the value of their display ad campaigns.