YouTube In 3D Adds Automatic Conversion

YouTube In 3D Adds Automatic Conversion

By Josh Wolford April 5, 2012

Back in September of last year, YouTube released their 3D conversion feature in beta. Users could upload their videos in boring old 2D and convert them to exciting, glorious 3D with the click of a button. Today, they are expanding …

SES – Maximum Retail Conversion
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Some sites are all about direct sales. Search is arguably the most influential and accountable form of online marketing and we’ve assembled a list of experts who will show you the way. This session will focus on direct conversion behavior and turning visitors into customers and cash. Go Maximum or go home.

Moderator: Kevin Ryan, Vice President, Global Content Director, Search Engine Strategies and Search Engine Watch

Google Releases ‘Conversion Optimizer’ AdWords Feature
Inside AdWords informs the launch of Conversion Optimizer, a CPA bidding product.

Money Seekers Dump Applications Online

Out of those who apply for various financial services online, 54 percent are thought to abandon the process before it is completed.

SES: The Almighty Conversion
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If you run an e-commerce site, you want visitors to become buyers. Panelists at SES San Jose suggested making those visitors feel secure while you make your call to action.

Yahoo’s Conversion Tips
Yahoo’s Search marketing blog has 9 tips compiled by the team on how to improve conversion rates while also optimizing landing pages.

Best ways to optimize your landing pages:

How Visitors View Websites

When planning and improving a website, it is important to know how people view websites. Knowing this will help you to design your site in such a way, that people will be able to find and do what they want on your website.

How to describe visitor behaviour?

Before changing the site layout, it is important to understand the nature of human behaviour on the website. It helps that certain known patterns apply to human behaviour, such as:

Long Tail Keyword Research

Not long ago I blogged about Crazy Egg Website Conversion Tests, which I thought was a pretty neat little tool.

One of our readers suggested trying HitTail, which is certainly not the same thing, but is very, very useful for anyone trying to learn something about a website’s visitors.  It is a long-tail keyword research tool.

Overlapped Ads Lead To Conversion

Advertising across multiple Web sites has a significant impact on consumer’s conversions according to a new study from the Atlas Institute, "How Overlap Impacts Reach, Frequency and Conversions."

Yahoo Features Analytics, Conversion Tweaks

Work on the Panama search marketing product continues at Yahoo, with some new updates announced to assist their advertising clients.

Web 2.0 Expo: Avinash Kaushik and Testing

One of the most interesting sessions to me at Web 2.0 Expo was fellow analytics blogger Avinash Kaushik’s session called “Click the Big Red Button : Tips & Techniques for Optimizing Conversion and A/B Testing”. I was looking forward to it because even though I’ve been big into testing for years, I still feel like the majority of the web world is so far away from embracing testing to improve web results.

SES: The Ad Conversion Zone

Picture a technology beyond sight and sound. Your ad has been submitted to a black box of unspeakable power. It’s left Creative…and entered…The Conversion Zone. But did it spend some time becoming a compelling ad first?

About Google Website Optimizer

If you can measure it, you can improve it.  The promise of scientific advertising, marketing with measurable results, is now available to anyone.  Anyone can Increase conversion rates with the Google Website Optimizer.  Any website that has conversion as a goal will benefit tremendously by engaging in testing using this tool. 

Ten Ways To Convince Shoppers To Buy Online
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On average, online retailers still only convert two to three percent of visitors into buyers. Though people are buying more online than ever before, that number has remained consistent over the last three years.

The three percent conversion average is also consistent across studies by different organizations, according to e-Marketer. That means that 97 percent of shoppers still prefer to buy offline.

Conversion Improvement Resources
While looking for information on PPC management, I’ve found an interesting number of resources about improving conversions.

While many of these are focused on the PPC market, the organic SEO’s like myself ignore these at our peril.

Google Plans To Win AdWords Converts
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The Website Optimizer tool received a formal launch for Google’s AdWords clients today. Marketers using it should see conversion rates improve for their sites.

Constant Communication = Higher Sale Conversion

Constant communication with current customers is the gold mine that many companies do not take advantage of. They do their sale and move on to find new customers. No … I will not stress on how important and easy it is to sell to your current customers compared to new ones, …. I guess I just did.

Anyway… let’s move on.