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Journalism & Technology Scholarships for Six Lucky Winners of Google and AP Contest

Last summer Google announced a joint scholarship program for aspiring journalists with the Associated Press, administered by the Online News Association. Now six winners will receive a $20,000 scholarship to help them make their dreams come true. The winners were Rebecca Rolfe, John Osborn, Katie Zhu, Emily Eggleston, Reginald James, and Kevin Schaul. You can view profiles of their submissions …

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Google Online Marketing Challenge: Tips and Overview

Google’s Online Marketing Challenge started in 2008 and began with 500 registered professors. Now there are over 1,000 professors registered with the growing challenge. The purpose of the challenge is to give students real world experience working with Google AdWords and online advertising. It also gives students the opportunity to see how they can grow real businesses and non-profit organizations …

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Google Contest Seeks Young Artists

Users of Google know that their signature “doodle”, visible on the search engine’s home page, is both creative and informative. Sometimes the artwork is evocative of a particular artist to celebrate his/her birthday; other times, the word “Google” can only be seen in the most vague form beneath the image, such as the one commemorating Les Paul’s 96th birthday. The …

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Digital Artists Capture Siri’s Face in Recent Contest

We’ve all heard Siri speak, and we’ve all imagined what she might look like in the flesh. Personally, I tend to think of the AI from Halo or Resident Evil whenever i hear her(?) voice. The New York-based 3D printing service, Shapeways announced the winners of a recent contest in which they asked various artists to show us what the …

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Atari Wants You To Remake Pong

Pong is one of the greatest games ever made. Maybe not for its compelling gameplay, but for its simplicity that brought video games to millions of households. Atari has never really captured that kind of magic again, but they are going to try this year. Atari has announced via their Web site a contest for indie developers to remake Pong …

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