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LeapFish Giving Away Cash For Social Media Presence
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Yes, you read that headline right. It does sound kind of “backwards” to me, as well.

Benefits Of Offering Contests and Prizes On Twitter

A few weeks ago I made the mistake of wondering aloud when someone would start offering cash prizes for twitter followers. I had seen people offering physical prizes before, but never cash. A few random people decided to have some fun with me and start saying I was offering cash, so I just decided to run with it.Since this wasn’t a planned event I don’t have the exact numbers but you can see from the graph below I gained about 300 followers

New Google Contest – Online Marketing Challenge

Looks like Google is having a contest to ask students across the world to help local business’ become more optimized in the Google SERPs: 

Register your class for the Google Online Marketing Challenge

Google’s Online Marketing Challenge

Google needs a Google contest page to track their list of contests both past and present all in one place. They use contests in different ways (to get work for free, to train future employees, and to expose more people to their products).

Zuckerberg: We Don’t Focus on Revenue

I know everyone is obsessed with when Mark Zuckerberg is going to announce the winner of the “Dance with Facebook for $10-billion” contest, but I found something he said during his interview with John Battelle interesting. He said:

Amazon Launches Contest For Developers

Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of Amazon.com, has launched the Amazon Web Services Start-Up Challenge, a contest for entrepreneurs and software developers in which the winner will receive $50,000 in cash, $50,000 in Amazon Web Service (AWS) credits and an investment offer from Amazon.

Amazon’s Quest To Find Hidden Gem

Amazon Web Services (AWS) – programmatic access to Amazon’s data and infrastructure via open APIs – have announced a contest to find the next hot web start-up.

Mitt Romney – Jumpcut Candidate Remix

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has teamed with Yahoo on an ad-creation contest for his campaign.

Jeopardy, Google Announce Contest Winner

It’s been a while since I’ve watched Jeopardy, but it seems like $25,000 was about as much as a person was likely to win in a single show.  And now Shirley Seaman has won that amount after participating in “the first-ever Jeopardy! Google Daily Challenge.”

Yahoo Launches Green Icon Contest

Yahoo’s in need of a “Green icon.”  What’s that, you ask?  Well, it may be your call – the search company is holding a design contest to find this icon, and will donate $20,000 to an environmental nonprofit agency of the winner’s choice.

Doodle 4 Google Contest Creates Huge Response
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When I first wrote about Google Australia’s Doodle 4 Google contest, I thought it was a nice idea – “nice idea” meaning a warm-fuzzies PR initiative that not a lot of people would notice.  But people are noticing, and a new post on the Official Google Australia Blog quantifies the matter.

PayPal Flashing Cash For Facebook Apps
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Looking for inroads to 30 million and growing Facebook users, PayPal is asking third-party developers to create the next killer PayPal app for the social network.

User Generated Video Contests Can Backfire

One of the hottest marketing trends of late is to get your customers to create your next ad campaign for you. It worked for Doritos and their Super Bowl ad contest, but sometimes it can backfire, as Chevy can attest to.

DM Days New York
After a few days home in Minnesota I’ve gone on the road again to the DM Days conference in New York. Just two hours sitting on the tarmac this time.

Yahoo! Search Marketing: Did-it a Certified Ambassador
Did-it, a full-service online advertising and marketing services company, has been qualified as a Certified Ambassador Agency by Yahoo! Search Marketing. The Yahoo! Search Marketing Certified Ambassador tier is designed to meet the needs of higher-performing agencies, SEMs and other search marketing resellers who channel a considerable amount of their clients’ quarterly ad-spend to Yahoo! Search Marketing.

According to Yahoo! Search Marketing:

Google Update Over?

After nearly 2 weeks of seeing my referrals from Google plummet to pretty much nothing, I am finally seeing referrals climb back to normal. During the update I noticed major drops in rankings for phrases I used to rank quite strongly for, such as: Web Analytics Comparison, Web Analytics World, Embed Audio, WebTrends vs. Google, etc…

Is Your Copy Award-winning?

Those of you who have followed this blog for any length of time know that I care a lot about copywriting. Good copy is crucial for getting your site found and for getting customers to buy. But most of us, in private moments, might admit that we don’t spend as much time crafting our copy as we should. Are you ready to put yours to the test?

Yahoo Launches Contest for Small Businesses
Yahoo wants to help small business owners grow their business and reach new customers. To that end, they’ve launched their “Ultimate Connection” essay-writing contest, giving away three $25,000 prize packages and expert mentoring.

Charity SEO Contest
When “the Lisa” emails you and (ever so) politely asks if you’d mention their contest on your blog, it’s hard to say “no”. Her blogging wit is razor sharp and you don’t want to find yourself on the wrong end of it. :-)

A Big List of Blogging Mistakes

Here’s the final list of the 48 blogging mistakes from the partecipants to the blogging project started by Daniel at dailyblogtips.com. There’s also my entry, the blogging mistake I did for 25 years … but they changed my catchy title :(

SEM – Beyond the Popularity Contest

In my last article I wrote about how search marketing is currently like a giant popularity contest. This begs the question of what’s going to come next as Google’s and the other engines’ algorithms keep evolving and take into account more and more data. What will this mean for search marketers?

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