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Six Myths reddit Would Like to Clear Up Six Myths reddit Would Like to Clear Up
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Although only 6% of American adults use reddit, teen users and international appeal has helped turn the site into one of the most powerful forces on the internet – both in terms of influence and as a content distribution device. …

Next Issue Media Delivers a ‘Netflix for Magazines’ Next Issue Media Delivers a ‘Netflix for Magazines’

Next Issue Media is developing a sort of Netflix for tablet magazines, and hopes to launch its platform on Apple iPad this summer. The app would allow users to view all the magazines they’d like, for a flat rate of …

Apple Newsstand Brings in $70K Daily Apple Newsstand Brings in $70K Daily

A recent study by research firm Distimo has shown that the top 100 publications in Apple’s iOS Newsstand bring in about $70,000 per day. Newsstand was released last October as a new feature for Apple’s iOS 5. It allows users …

New Reddit CEO Yishan Wong Takes The Reins New Reddit CEO Yishan Wong Takes The Reins

News came out back in September that reddit was being spun off from Condé Nast (to be owned by Advanced Publications, which also owns Condé Nast) , and that it had started a search for a new CEO. That search …

Reddit Becomes Independent of Condé Nast Reddit Becomes Independent of Condé Nast

Condé Nast has spun out Reddit as an independent company, though its parent company still owns it all. On the Reddit blog, Erik Martin writes, “This change is all about setting up reddit so that it can better handle future …

Cheezburger Network Offers to Buy Reddit

Ben Huh, who runs the Cheezburger Network, has offered to buy Reddit. This comes after Condé Nast, which owns Reddit, rejected Prop 19 ads on the site (Facebook also rejected them).

Yesterday, Reddit posted the following message:

Major Publishers Project $3 Billion in Digital Subscription Revenue by 2014

Next Issue Media, a digital publishing consortium made up of Condé Nast, Hearst, Meredith, News Corp., and Time, has revealed findings from a study on consumer demand for digital newspaper and magazine products. According to the consortium, $3 billion in subscription revenue is expected by 2014.

After accounting for potential cannibalization of some print subscriptions, the industry could realize $1.3 billion in incremental revenue, the consortium says.

Reddit Taking Donations for Reddit Gold (and Gettting Them)

Update: Reddit is already calling the effort a triumph and says, "We’re getting a much-needed cash infusion."

Is This the Answer for Online News Revenue?

Leading publishers are getting together for what is widely being considered something of a "Hulu for magazines." Publishers involved include Conde Nast, Hearst, Meredith, News Corporation and Time Inc.

Conde Nast Delaying At Least One Site Relaunch

The economy seems to have pushed Conde Nast into an "if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it" state of mind.  New reports indicate that the giant publisher has postponed plans to relaunch one or more websites tied to its magazines.

Google Syndicating Video Through AdSense

Google is bringing video to AdSense, and they’re doing it right now. Though there were sightings of the new contextual video ads, real buzz didn’t develop until the New York Times confirmed Dow Jones, Conde Nast and Sony BMG were in on it.

Wired Magazine Owner Conde Nast Buys Wired News
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Conde Nast, owner of Wired Magazine, has bought Wired News. If that seems confusing, it doesn’t matter if you have been paying attention.