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Belle Knox Sheds Light On Porn Industry In New Docu-Series

Becoming Belle Knox is a five part docu-series about the story of Miriam Weeks, the Duke University student who gained prominence when it was revealed she was doing porn to send herself to school. Known by her stage name “Belle Knox,” also as “the Duke porn star,” Weeks says it was Condé Nast who came to her with the concept …

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Belle Knox: Duke Porn Star Debuts New Web Series

Belle Knox is revealing a side of herself that fans have never seen before. The infamous Duke University porn star, whose real name is Miriam Weeks, recently debuted her new web series Becoming Belle Knox. The series is a bit different from her adult film credits because of its not just your average pornographic film. It’s actually a Conde Nast-produced documentary-style …

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Six Myths reddit Would Like to Clear Up

Although only 6% of American adults use reddit, teen users and international appeal has helped turn the site into one of the most powerful forces on the internet – both in terms of influence and as a content distribution device. Last month, reddit boasted over 67 million unique visitors who viewed nearly 4.7 billion pages. There’s no denying that it’s …

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Next Issue Media Delivers a ‘Netflix for Magazines’

Next Issue Media is developing a sort of Netflix for tablet magazines, and hopes to launch its platform on Apple iPad this summer. The app would allow users to view all the magazines they’d like, for a flat rate of $10 or $15 a month. So far, the Next Issue platform has only worked on Android Honeycomb devices, and the …

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Apple Newsstand Brings in $70K Daily

A recent study by research firm Distimo has shown that the top 100 publications in Apple’s iOS Newsstand bring in about $70,000 per day. Newsstand was released last October as a new feature for Apple’s iOS 5. It allows users to buy digital versions of newspapers and magazines which are optimized for iPad, and iPhone/iPod, to a lesser extent. The …

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New Reddit CEO Yishan Wong Takes The Reins

News came out back in September that reddit was being spun off from Condé Nast (to be owned by Advanced Publications, which also owns Condé Nast) , and that it had started a search for a new CEO. That search has ended, as Yishan Wong has filled the position. “Make no mistake, reddit owes its past, present, and future success …

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