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Concept Video Shows How A Wearable iPhone Could Look

If Google is to be believed, wearable devices are the future of mobile technology. Their Project Glass has caused quite a stir in recent months. While Apple doesn’t have anything like that themselves at present (apart from the iPod Nano), there’s a decent chance they’re working on it. Whether it’s their own version of Project Glass, or a wrist-mounted iPhone, …

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Colorless Coca-Cola Can Could Reduce Pollution

Here is an artist’s conception of a can of coke that uses no paint, which can introduce pollutants into the environment when they are printed and when when they are borken down for recycling. The project comes from award winning artist Ryan Harc of London. The convex shape is imprinted on the can giving it both form and texture without …

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Playstation Releases Gravity Rush Concept Movie

This video was made in 2008, in the early days when Gravity Rush was first being developed. And from the very beginning, Gravity Rush promised to show us gorgeous landscapes and character art brought to life in a unique game mechanic. Many developers try to incorporate a “comic book feel” to their games through cell-shading and other means, but few …

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