Watson-Powered Toy Uses IBM Supercomputer to Develop Relationship with Your Kid

Watson-Powered Toy Uses IBM Supercomputer to Develop Relationship with Your Kid

By Josh Wolford February 18, 2015

We’ve come a long way from Barbie. If you’re looking for an interactive toy that can talk with your kid, tell knock-knock jokes, and help them learn by getting to know their specific needs – there’s a Kickstarter campaign for …

ROI and Social Computing

Over the last couple of days, I have been reading with great interest a number of the different blog posts that the last two articles I wrote on ROI and Social Computing have sparkled and, as I am going through them digesting some of the great points they bring together (Something I will blog about as well at a later time), I thought I would create an interim pos

PDF Potentially A Malware Vehicle

Proof of concept code demonstrated to Secure Computing showed how Adobe’s popular Portable Document Formet could become a massive attack vector for malware distributors.

Google, Apple May Partner On Cloud Computing

As rumors go, this is a pretty solid one: it seems that Google and Apple will partner, and together, the companies are likely to give .Mac a huge cloud-computing boost.

TLE Highlights: The Irony of Social Computing

As I have just mentioned, this is a follow up weblog post from the previous one I have shared regarding some of the highlights from IBM‘s 2007 Technical Leadership Exchange event held in Paris last week.

More on Microsoft’s Surface Computing

I talked with Microsoft’s Surface computing team today. Here’s some more details I learned.

PlayTable, er Surface Computing

Andy Wilson. Remember the guy I introduced you to at Microsoft Research?

Funny, he was at the Maker Faire last weekend talking to everyone and showing off his latest thing. He builds demos for Bill Gates and he was the one who first showed me the PlayTable. Now called “Surface Computing.”

Microsoft: Faster Computers = Cheaper Gas

Research firms and think tanks are constantly looking for new ways to process oil in order to increase gasoline production, given the world’s dependence on the valuable commodity. Analyzing chemical bonds and refining techniques, however, many not be the only solution when it comes to achieving optimum efficiency.

Mobile Web – A Completely New Ball Game

Rich Skrenta feels that it’s time for the Winner To Take All. Google has won in what he calls the Third Age of Computing.

Immortal Computing Is A Little Creepy, Microsoft

In my grandparent’s basement, on the wall, there are pictures of ugly, frowning people, relatives of mine, in that ghostly, milky sepia coloring all those 19th Century photos have. They’re dead, those people, and some part of them is part of me – but if they had ever spoken to me through those dusty frames (and I imagined they did), Great Great Grandfather would be dead twice, his second life smashed on the mantle.

The Forrester Consumer Forum

As noted in the earlier posts, have been at the Forrester Consumer Forum in Chicago for the last couple of days. Here are links to the posts:

Charlene Li Talks Social Computing

(Continuing notes from Forrester Consumer Forum. More here.)

Thou Shalt Obey Web Design Rules

They are actually more like guidelines, really, but writer Jim Edwards did a nice job of assembling Ten Commandments of web design for new and experienced webmasters alike.

Amazon Stretches Into Elastic Computing

Just as the online retailer expanded its web service offerings with its S3 Simple Storage Service, Amazon now offers the Elastic Compute Cloud, a virtual machine for developers to use.

Webtop – The Future of Computing

A number of people have thrown around the word “webtop” – but in doing so, I think they miss what the future of the web might have in store for us.

Microsoft Introduces Prepaid Computing

After a year-long trial in Brazil, Microsoft officially unwrapped its FlexGo technology, which makes purchasing Windows-based PCs more affordable, if limited. Microsoft based the pay-as-you-go system on prepaid mobile phones, which are immensely popular in countries where income is sporadic and consumer credit is inaccessible.

Ultra Mobile PC’s – The Future of Mobile Computing

Just when we think we’ve reached our mobile limit, something always comes around to blow our minds.