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Watson-Powered Toy Uses IBM Supercomputer to Develop Relationship with Your Kid

We’ve come a long way from Barbie. If you’re looking for an interactive toy that can talk with your kid, tell knock-knock jokes, and help them learn by getting to know their specific needs – there’s a Kickstarter campaign for you. It’s called CogniToys, and it’s a super-smart toy dinosaur with its own personality. “Each toy will get to know …

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New Processors Could Be Made with Nano-Magnet Arrays

Scientists have taken an important step forward in developing a new material using nano-sized magnets that could ultimately lead to new types of electronic devices, with greater processing capacity than is currently feasible, in a study published in the journal Science. Now, researchers from Imperial College London have demonstrated that a honeycomb pattern of nano-sized magnets, in a material known …

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Minecraft Graphing Calculator Takes Time, Blows Minds

Minecraft players have used the platform to recreate Hyrule, map out King’s Landing from Game of Thrones, and build in-game Rube Goldberg devices to explain updates. All of these things fly way over my head in terms of not only logistics, but creativity and patience as well. The newest use of Minecraft to grace the interwebs is so beyond me …

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