Infographic Shows How Specific Colors Affect Social Media Strategy

Infographic Shows How Specific Colors Affect Social Media Strategy

By Chris Crum April 7, 2014

Social Marketing Writing put out a very interesting infographic looking at the effects certain colors can have on your social media marketing campaigns. If you watched the video we shared last week about color’s effects on online shopping behavior, and …

Facebook Photo Sharing App Coming Soon? Facebook Photo Sharing App Coming Soon?

It appears Facebook may want users to do more with photos, as leaked images and documents suggest that the social network is on the verge of unveiling its own photo sharing app for the iPhone. TechCrunch has obtained “roughly 50 …

Rough Launch, But Color-full Future Rough Launch, But Color-full Future
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iPhone mobile application Color recently had one of the most talked about startup product launches in a long time. A lot of that was due the fact that they raised $41M prelaunch, have a well-known team, and the mobile photo-sharing …

Water for Elephants, Color App Partner Up for Premiere Water for Elephants, Color App Partner Up for Premiere

The new film “Water for Elephants” releases wide next Friday, but excited fans will have the chance to experience the world premiere much sooner. @colorColorFox, Color App Partner for ‘Water for Elephants’ Premiere (Exclusive) – The Hollywood Reporter http://t.co/VnD0gaO 9 …

Color App Vulnerable to “Geo-spoofers”

It has been well documented that if privacy is what you want, the Color app is not for you.  Color, of course, is the much talked about new app that allows users to share photos effortlessly with anyone and everyone …

Color Privacy – If Privacy Is Your Thing, Color May Not Be For You
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Social media and privacy don’t tend to play well together, as we’ve seen in the past. Sure, there are always privacy settings, but these are usually emphasized as an afterthought. Things are a bit different with Color, however. No, color …

Implicit Social Graphs Rise From Interest Not Location
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There has been a ton of conversation about social graphs, location and photo sharing lately. Most of this conversation has arisen due to the release of the photo-sharing application Color. The photo-sharing part of the discussion is only a gateway …

Color – Next Big Thing or Just Overblown Hype?
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Well, it looks like the hot new startup is Color. Just about everyone in the tech blogosphere is talking about it. Of course that doesn’t always translate into mainstream success, but Color did secure $41 million in funding from Sequoia …

Nintendo DSi XL Receives New Colors

The Nintendo DSi XL handheld gaming console, is set to have a technicolour makeover this autumn, as three bright new colours – yellow, green & blue make their way to stores across Europe on 8th October 2010 for all to enjoy!.

Google Homepage Loses Color In San Francisco

On Saturday night, parts of San Francisco went dark, and it was to some degree Google’s fault.  Google deserves credit, and not blame, for this occurrence, though, since it was part of an energy-saving initiative.

Hiding, Color Rules Added to Google Spreadsheets

Google Spreadsheets has several new features, as a Google Docs Guide in the official help group on the subject announced today:

Yahoo Hacks New Shopping, Travel Products
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The last Internal Hack Day at Yahoo, 24 hours of coding fun fueled by lots of pizza, has yielded a couple of new services that have been rolled out to their Travel and Shopping products.

Palore Give Local Search Some Color

It looks like the Israel-based browser plug-in maker has taken some advice from last fall to heart, and made the information they can provide more easily accessible to users of local search.

AOL Throws Cincinnati A Curve

The 2007 baseball season is opening with a surprising match up: the Cincinnati Reds versus AOL. The Major League Baseball club filed opposition to AOL’s application for trademark of "RED," the name of AOL’s social network for teens.

Understanding Color In Your Designs

Most people can grasp the basics of getting the right colors in the right places and ensuring that you are following simple principles when you are designing an item for print or designing a web site.

Color Matching Search Tool From Smarter.com

Online shopping search engine, Smarter.com, has announced a cool new feature: Visual Search Beta. Aimed at those shopping for clothing, Visual Search allows shoppers to select a type of clothing, then search by color using a color-wheel. It’s hard to explain, but easier to demonstrate.

New software helps users that are color blind

This solution could open the door to many more individuals looking for a career in GIS…