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Colin Powell Is Now On The Salesforce Board Of Directors

Salesforce announced on Friday that it has appointed retired four-star general (and former National Security Advisor, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Secretary of State) Colin Powell to its Board of Directors. His position actually went into effect on Thursday, and increases the size of the Board to 11 members. “We are honored and delighted that General Powell …

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Colin Powell’s Facebook Page Hacked, Disses Bush

Former Secretary of State General Colin Powell is the latest public figure to lose control of their social media account. Earlier this morning, Powell’s Facebook page was commandeered by an unknown hacker, who began to fill the page with anti-George W. Bush posts. “BUSH IS WALKING IN HIS ROOM WITH A KUKLUXKLAN HAT ON HIS TARDED HEAD,” read one post. …

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Colin Powell Isn’t Ready to Endorse Anyone Just Yet

Colin Powell, former chairman of the military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, recently revealed that he isn’t quite ready to endorse anyone at this stage in the game. According to the Associated Press, Powell isn’t going to “to throw my weight behind someone” right now, and that includes the current president. Four years ago, he went against the Republican grain by …

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