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Drink Up – Google Wants to Make You a Bartender

No, Google won’t serve you drinks – but it’ll tell you how to make them. Google has added cocktails to the list of instructables it’ll show with the Knowledge Graph – so if you’re wondering how to make a tequila sunrise, Google has your back. Alternatively, you could just put the tequila in a glass and drink it. That’s the …

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Powdered Alcohol Coming To Stores In Fall

In fall of this year you’re going to be strolling through the booze section of a Safeway and notice a little black package labeled “Palcohol” – powdered alcohol you can mix with water, liquids, and food. Yes, food. This week, The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau signed off seven flavors of Pacohol: V (vodka), R (rum), Cosmopolitan, Mojito, …

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TGI Friday’s Busted for Selling Fraudulent Cocktails

A string of New Jersey TGI Friday’s restaurants have been busted for selling cheap liquor in place of premium brands. The Briad Group, which owns dozens of TGI Friday’s locations nationwide, has agreed not to contest the allegations and to pay a $500,000 fine after eight of its branches were found to have filled empty bottles of top shelf booze …

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Avengers Cocktail Recipes Unite For Drinking Fun

The Avengers now have their own cocktails. Which I guess is fairly fitting seeing as they are also a cocktail…..a cocktail of ass kicking. Iron Man, Thor, Hulk are all well represented in this mixture showcase. The social blog called “THE MORE I ARTY” put these together. I think they look great and they seem like they are about as …

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