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Do More Posts On Social Media Get You More Followers?

In case you were thinking simply increasing the frequency of your social media posts would get you more followers, a study is out from Clickable to prove you wrong. Granted, the study looks at major brands as opposed or medium-sized small businesses. They looked at major brands across various industries and came to the same conclusion throughout: posting more often …

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Ex-AOL CEO Emerges At Clickable

Jonathan Miller has reappeared on the Internet scene, this time as a member of the board of directors for online search ad management startup, Clickable.

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Clickable AdSense Area Redefined

Similar to what Google has been doing with ads in search results, they also now restricted the clickable area in AdSense (the kind of Google ads webmasters can include on their pages).

Instead of allowing a click to be triggered in a broad rectangle around the text – which used to include whitespace in that area – you must now click specifically on the underlined title or the colorized URL below the snippet.

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The Second Life Hype Cycle 2.0

In a great example of blogsourcing, my idea to gauge Second Life against the Gartner Group Hype Cycle is being refined thanks to a post from Linda Zimmer.

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Second Life: Reality not Escapism

Some interesting commentary about PR and Second Life from Steve Rubel in a brief interview I’ve just watched.

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