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Cinnamon Warning: Cinnamon Challenge Can Lead To Lung Scarring, According to Report

The “cinnamon challenge” is one of those Internet things that you just can’t help but see from time to time. You know the deal. You take a tablespoon of cinnamon and try to swallow it within sixty seconds without taking a drink. You don’t have to try it to be able to tell that it won’t be a lot of …

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Cinnamon Challenge? Take the Chili Challenge! [Video]

Enough with the Cinnamon Challenge. I mean, it’s alright for getting girls to totally lose their composure at parties, but where’s the modern-day equivalent for men? In days of yore, manhood was proven through feats of strength – carrying boulders, tearing phone books, tossing dwarves. Nowadays we’re left with amazing feats of stupidity performed before web cams. But, if you’re …

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Principal Who Turned Blind Eye To Cinnamon Challenge Placed On Leave

I wonder how much pain and embarrassment has been caused by the words “I bet you can’t do that?” I bet you can’t jump over that. I bet you can’t drink all that. I bet you can’t eat all of that. People has been doing stupid things since long before the advent of the internet. But YouTube has added one …

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