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Google Announces The First Affordable Touchscreen Chromebook

Touchscreens are everywhere today thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and tablets. Even Microsoft embraced the touch craze with Windows 8 supporting touch displays right out of the box. Google isn’t a stranger either with its touch-based Chromebook Pixel, but now it’s making sure everybody can afford a touch-based Chromebook. Google announced on Wednesday that the first affordable touchscreen Chromebook …

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LTE Chromebook Pixel Ships On April 8

In late February, Google launched the Chromebook Pixel to reviews praising the hardware, but criticizing its $1,300 price tag and lack of software. Still, the Pixel certainly has a market, and some may be waiting for the LTE version of Google’s new flagship Chromebook to launch. The good news is that you won’t have to wait much longer. On the …

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Google Makes Chromebook Pixel Official, Costs $1,299

Last month, a leaked video teased that Google was working on something called Chromebook Pixel. It was reportedly a high-powered Chromebook with a 2560×1700 display that would rival Apple’s own retina display MacBooks. Now Google has made it officially known that the Chromebook Pixel is a reality. The Chromebook Pixel is similar to what we saw last month in the …

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Chrome OS Code Hints That Chromebook Pixel Is Real

The Internet lit up last week as rumors of a new, more powerful Chromebook began to disseminate after a leaked video showed off a product called the Chromebook Pixel. It was touted as a super high resolution Chromebook that rivals Apple’s own retina display MacBooks. At the time, we didn’t know if it was real or not, but some of …

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Google Chromebook Pixel Revealed In Leaked Video [Rumor]

The Chromebooks of today aren’t exactly cutting edge. The budget notebook PCs are intended to bring the power of the Web to as many people as possible through affordable hardware. That all may be changing in the future if a leaked video is to believed. Android Authority nabbed a fascinating teaser video that references a new Google project called the …

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