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View Instagram Photos on Twitter with This Chrome Extension

As you may remember, Instagram had a little spat with Twitter that resulted in Instagram disabling all photo integration with Twitter. What that means for Twitter users is that they are no longer able to view Instagram photos when they click to “expand” tweets. Instead, users have to click the link inside the tweet to be taken to Instagram.com to …

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Google Deals Yet Another Blow To RSS

Fan of Google Reader and RSS feeds in general? You’re going to love this. Not only has Google announced the demise of Google Reader, but they’ve also killed the RSS Subscription Chrome extension. It’s no longer in the Chrome Web Store. TechCrunch reported on this after a few other noticed. The extension appears to still be working for those of …

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Google Isn’t Letting Bing Have Santa All To Itself

NORAD may have went the Bing/Windows route this year with its Santa Tracker, but Google isn’t going to let Microsoft have all of the fun. “While we’ve been tracking Santa since 2004 with Google Earth, this year a team of dedicated Google Maps engineers built a new route algorithm to chart Santa’s journey around the world on Christmas Eve,” says …

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Sick of Politics on Facebook? Give Them the Boot with New Chrome Extension

Back in August, a new Chrome extension popped up that allowed users to block any post relating to anything that popped out. With a click of your mouse, you could remove all your friends’ mentions of their babies from your news feed, replacing them with photos of cats, cars, porn – whatever you wanted, really. Now, baby photos have been …

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Replace Your Facebook Friends’ Baby Photos With Cats, Bacon, and More With New Chrome Extension

There comes a time in every Facebook user’s life where every single friend they have seems to be conspiring to make them feel crappy about their lack of life achievements. Whether they’re posting about their brand new job, their engagement, or their cute little newborn kid – sometimes people wish that they didn’t have to see it flooding their news …

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Here’s How To Stop Facebook’s “Message Seen” Feature

Last month, users slowly began to notice that Facebook chat (messages) had a new feature. Right under sent messages, in the chat box appeared a light gray notification that simply said “Seen XX:XXpm.” We quickly learned that Facebook’s new feature allowed people to see when their conversation partner sees a message, and some users had a collective freakout. When you …

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Chrome Extension Lets You Study Smarter By Blocking Distracting Sites

The internet is both the best and worst thing to ever happen to productivity. Anyone trying to get any work done in any capacity can attest to that. It’s a world of knowledge at your fingertips – an incredible network of anything and everything you need to succeed. The problem with using the internet to complete work is that to …

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Browse The Web In Spanglish With New Chrome Extension

They always say that immersion is the best way to learn a foreign language, and a new experimental Chrome extension aims to recreate the feeling of language immersion by mixing up the languages you see while browsing the web. It’s (aptly) called Language Immersion for Chrome, and it comes to you via Use All Five and “some friends at Google …

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WordPress.com Chrome Extension Launched

WordPress announced the launch of a new WordPress.com Chrome extension which gives you access to a number of WordPress.com features and notifications while you’re away from WordPress.com. This should prove to be pretty handy for a lot of bloggers. Users will get notifications anytime they get a new follower or like. When you have the extension installed, it will display …

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