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Chinese New Year Traditions Still Going Strong

The Chinese New Year starts today and we say goodbye to the year of the snake and hello to the year of the horse. Each of the animals that are used to represent one of the 12 cycles of the …

Sina Weibo Destroys Twitter’s Record Sina Weibo Destroys Twitter’s Record

Weibo is a big deal in China. It’s even bigger than Twitter. Sina Weibo broke records with the ringing in of the Chinese New Year this weekend which saw more than 32,312 messages sent per second according to The Next …

Britney Spears Back On Top of the Charts (Sort Of)

Oops, she’s done it again. In the wake of the now infamous head-shaving incident, Britney Spears has, for better or worse, once more become the main topic of conversation throughout the entertainment industry.

The emergence of Bald Britney was one of those moments in history that you knew was going to have a much deeper impact than merely becoming the top story on the evening news.