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Now Charter Communications Is Going To Buy Time Warner Cable

Now that Comcast’s acquisition of Time Warner Cable has fallen apart, Charter Communications has swooped in to attempt an acquisition of TWC. In February, Comcast announced its intent to acquire the other cable giant, but that deal officially died in April as Comcast abandoned its efforts following reports that the Department of Justice and Federal Communications Commission were to recommend …

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Time Warner Cable Already Has Another Suitor

The dead Comcast/Time Warner Cable deal is still warm, but Time Warner Cable already has a potential buyer who isn’t wasting any time in going after the major telecommunications player. And it’s a familiar face. According to the Wall Street Journal, Charter Communications is ready to move on TWC. From the WSJ, quoting sources: Charter, which is backed by John …

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Charter Puts Online Ad Tracking On Hold

Charter Communications, the third-largest publicly traded cable operator in the U.S., says it is putting its plan on hold to allow advertisers to target its Internet users based on what they search for.

"As we do with all new service launches or initiatives, we conducted focus groups well in advance, which told us that most broadband consumers would look upon this service favorably," Charter said in a statement on Wednesday.

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Charter Postpones Ad Targeting Plan

It looks like privacy concerns have put Charter Communications ad targeting plans on hold.

As we reported last month, ISPs are sitting on a wealth of personalized data, but lawmakers have expressed concerns over the methods used to tap into that data–especially "deep packet inspection."

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Corporate “Oops” Empties Email Accounts

There are worse things that one could find in an email account – foreclosure notices, death announcements, and so on – but for 14,000 people, finding nothing at all was pretty bad.  The blame for the deletions lies with Charter Communications.

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