How Much Have Kids Changed Between 1982-2012?

How Much Have Kids Changed Between 1982-2012?

By Heather Campobello March 16, 2012 | 6 Comments

The following infographic covers the differences in music, movies, video games, and sports stars that have influenced the generations. According to this source, kids today are less likely to use marijuana and cigarettes and more likely to practice safe sex, …

Six Small Changes For YouTube

 Rather then a big splashy make-over, YouTube has been rolling out an ongoing series of changes and improvements that marketers and uses should pay attention to.

The Ever Changing Demographics Of Facebook

Question for you rock and roll historians: Do you remember Sammy Hagar (The Red Rocker prior to his days as the front man for Van Hagar Halen)? Do you remember the song that made him just famous enough to replace David Lee Roth? It was “I Can’t Drive 55”.

Facebook Facing CEO Woes

Mark Zuckerberg’s foray into being the top executive at a company with a $15 billion valuation has been dismaying to Facebook users and advertisers.

The End of the PR World as We Know it

Social Media is indeed making changes in our lives.  Even Time Magazine, a bastion of old media, hailed user generated content as the single most influential change in 2006.

EU Says U.S. Needs To Change Net Gambling Law

The European Union Trade Commissioner, Peter Mandelson said the Untied States should change the Internet gambling law that discriminates against European companies by not allowing them to offer their services in the U.S.

Will Google OpenSocial Change The Internet?

As information came out about OpenSocial, the facts concerning Google’s new networking project seemed to grow less clear, instead of more.  Everyone’s now had a bit of time to look the matter over, though, and consider the implications of the deal.

Change In Yahoo Rankings
Yahoo! Search is updating some important changes to its algorithm and index.

Google AdWords Number/Date Formatting Feature

Google AdWords seems to be rolling out some useful features recently, last week it was the snapshot date range comparison and today’s is the option to change number, date and time formatting.

Recap of Semphonic Web Analytics X Change

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in Semphonic’s first annual Web Analytics X Change in Napa Valley, California.

Google Maps Drives Navy To Change Building
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Google Maps is forcing the U.S. Navy to change the design of one of its buildings in San Diego called "The Seals Lair" which from an aerial photograph appears to be in the shape of a swastika.

New York Times Frees Its Content

Two years after dropping its columnists behind a subscription wall, the New York Times tore down the barrier to a valuable source of traffic: search engines.

Change Huddle Line-up

X Change is getting close, and I just wanted to post an update with some final speaker additions and I thought I’d also include the Huddle line-up.

We’ve rounded off the speaker list with some great final additions. Since my last post on X Change, we added Rand Schulman of Unica, Anil Batra (formerly of Zaaz) now of ZeroDash1, Clint Ivy from Visual Sciences and Judah Phillips from Reed.

August Online Job Vacancies See Little Change

In August there were 4,104,800 online advertised job openings, an increase of 20,600 or 0.5 percent from the July level, according to the Conference Board help-Wanted Online Data Series.

AdWords Formula Fixed For Top Spot
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Google’s advertisers should be a little happier with the ability to compete for top placement in AdWords, thanks to a tweak to the formula for calculating who grabs the top spot.

Chinese Company Wants Google to Change Name

It’s not too much to ask, is it? If Google would just change the name of their company, a small Chinese business will drop their law suit. Seems fair, don’t you think? ;-)

Measurement & Optimization of SEM
I decided to post a few days late – just to make sure people saw last Tuesday’s X Change Announcement. If you missed the post on our Web Analytics Conference, check it out. This will be a unique, special event.