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British Prime Minister Discusses Social Media Censorship British Prime Minister Discusses Social Media Censorship
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David Cameron’s country–well, his boss’ country–has been in the grips of some widely-publicized rioting. The story played out over the Internet as the immediacy of modern technology brought us reams of startling images and additional information concerning the chaos. Another …

Do These Vile Facebook Comments Deserve Free Speech Protection? [UPDATED] Do These Vile Facebook Comments Deserve Free Speech Protection? [UPDATED]
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Last week, we asked you whether or not social media sites should censor offensive content. The issue that spawned that debate was the possible removal of certain trending topics by the folks at Twitter. After a certain hashtag (#reasonstobeatyourgirlfriend) gained …

Should Social Media Censor Offensive Content? Should Social Media Censor Offensive Content?
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At what point does content on social media sites become too offensive? Does the social network have an obligation to protect its users from extreme topics of conversation? Or should a social network never pull controversial content, as it is …

Google Transparency Report Gets an Update Google Transparency Report Gets an Update

Google has updated its Transparency Report. This was launched last September, showing the number of government inquiries for information about users and requests for Google to take down or censor content, as well as interactive traffic graphs showing info about …

Should Vimeo Reinstate This Animal Cruelty Investigation Video? Should Vimeo Reinstate This Animal Cruelty Investigation Video?
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Mercy for Animals has written a letter to Vimeo trying to get an investigative video exposing animal cruelty at the E6 Cattle Co. reinstated on the site after it was pulled as a violation of Vimeo’s terms of service. If …

YouTube On Video Ban: Sometimes We Make the Wrong Call, Vimeo: It Violates Our Terms YouTube On Video Ban: Sometimes We Make the Wrong Call, Vimeo: It Violates Our Terms
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Last friday, we reported that YouTube had banned a video from the group Mercy for Animals, which featured hidden camera footage of workers for the E6 Cattle company, mistreating calves. The video was indeed quite brutal and disturbing. Mercy for …

Has YouTube Had a Change of Heart on This Animal Cruelty Video Ban? Has YouTube Had a Change of Heart on This Animal Cruelty Video Ban?
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Update 2: Vimeo gave us the following statement: Vimeo cares deeply about the issue of animal cruelty and has specifically banned content that contains “gratuitous animal cruelty.” We removed this particular video because of its depiction of excessive violence against …

AT&T CEO Gets Blasted on USAToday AT&T CEO Gets Blasted on USAToday
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The first newspaper to introduce color into the world of black and white print media is still going strong, effectively transitioning to Internet-based content. This, of course, is not newsworthy. However, because USAToday.com allows comments, every so often, there are …

Google Censors “BitTorrent” Suggestions
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Early in December, Google vowed to distance itself from piracy. To do so, the company agreed that it would remove terms that are closely associated with piracy from appearing in their Autocomplete and Instant services.

Is Censoring Craigslist the Right Way to Go?
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Update: The EFF has weighed in on the topic, talking about what the censoring means for free speech.

Craigslist has removed the censored box, and the adult section is just gone entirely.

China Blocks Google’s Latest Hong Kong-Based Site

Google’s new question and answer site for people in China is not off to a great start.  Although the site was based in Hong Kong for the sake of avoiding problems related to censorship, would-be users have been unable to access it today.

Google Readies Hong Kong-Based Q&A Site

Although many human rights and free speech advocates may not approve of the concessions the company’s made, it looks like Google’s attempt to stand up to the Chinese government is continuing.  Google is supposed to launch a new Q&A service to compete with other products it will stop supporting.

Google’s New Plan for China
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We haven’t heard much about the Google/China situation lately, but now Google’s Internet Content Provider license is up for renewal, so Google has provided an update.

On the Official Google Blog,SVP, Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer David Drummond says:

Google Introduces Uncensored Results In China
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Google’s followed through on its promise to promote free speech in China, as Chinese citizens who attempt to conduct searches on Google.cn today will not encounter censored results.  Instead, they will redirected to Google.com.hk, where Google is offering an interface and uncensored search results in simplified Chinese.

Google China Shows “Tank Man,” Tibet Search Results
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The clash between Google and the Chinese government appears to be coming to a head.  Various sources have reported that Google ignored a cut-off date to reregister as an Internet content provider in China, and more importantly, that the company has stopped censoring search results.

Google May Offer Services In Cuba, Iran, Sudan
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It looks like Google may be ready to wade into another controversial censorship vs. availability of services situation.  A high-ranking corporate representative has welcomed the U.S. Treasury’s decision to allow the exportation of online communications tools to Cuba, Iran, and Sudan.

Google Reiterates Support For Uncensored Results In China
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When Google made its dramatic "new approach to China" announcement in January, it sounded as if the company might leave the country within the month.  Obviously, that didn’t happen.  But according to testimony given today before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on Human Rights and the Law, Google hasn’t forgotten its ultimatum.

Twitter Excited About Ducking Censors
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Twitter claims not to be taking an active role in the dispute, but it’s definitely applauding developers who try to make Twitter.com available in China and Iran.  Ev Williams endorsed workarounds and rejected compromises while speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Were Googlers Involved in Chinese Cyber Attack?

Reuters is reporting that Google is now investigating the possibility that one or more Google employees could have been involved in the recent attack in China, but is not offering comment on any details. The news agency reports:

White House Sides With Google In China Standoff
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Due to a new development, you may be able to either thank Google for getting China to censor less information, or blame the company for starting World War III.  The reason: the White House has sided with Google in the free speech and hacking conflict that cropped up this week.

Chinese Paper Accuses Google Of “Malicious Retaliation”
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Don’t be surprised if Google’s sites and services become inaccessible to people within China.  The search giant has gotten in trouble with a newspaper called the People’s Daily, and said publication just happens to be the official newspaper of the Communist Party of China.