Cellular Articles

South Korea Changing Cellular Service Policies South Korea Changing Cellular Service Policies

South Korea plans to further implement a new blacklisting policy regarding mobile device distribution on May 1st, in an effort to breakup telecom monopolies in that country. The new deal would make mobile devices more readily available for sale, allowing …

FCC Nixes Airline Cellular, Approves WiFi

Airline travelers will soon have the opportunity to surf the Internet mid-flight by way of wireless networks, as many aircraft are now beginning to be outfitted with WiFi equipment. Even though the FCC has put it stamp of approval for in-flight WiFi, it still has reservations about the viability of offering cellular service to airline passengers.

Dr. Who On The Mobile? Cellular Red Dwarf?

For science fiction geeks everywhere, this may be the boon you’ve been waiting for. The BBC announced they will offer episodes of “Dr. Who” and Red Dwarf” for cell phones, thinking the geeks are early adopters.

Even Cingular Thinks In-Flight Cellular Is A Bad Idea

A letter from the nation’s largest wireless provider to the FAA advises it to keep the ban in place.

Japan Opening Cellular Market To Competition

Long dominated by three companies, the mobile phone market will see a big change later this year.

Broadway Goes Cellular

Showtunes from all along the Great White Way have become popular downloads to mobile phones.

Prepaid Cellular Of Cingular Interest

Once disdaining the high turnover prepaid market, Cingular turns 180 degrees and plans a big marketing push.

Sanswire Looks To Airships, Not Cellular Towers

Wisconsin-based communications company Sanswire has introduced an almost-finished prototype for its “Stratellite,” an unmanned airship that can deliver mobile phone signals from Earth’s stratosphere.

Cracking The Cellular Code

While the clarity on your cell phone may be increasing, the overall picture of wireless technology is becoming progressively murkier. New terms and services seem to spin off of the presses every day, and it’s hard to separate what you need to know from what you don’t.

What do all those acronyms mean? Most are specific ways of transmitting what amounts to the same kind of signals. Different phones depend on different technologies, and many of these are manufacturer-dependent.