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TSA Bans Uncharged Cellphones on Certain Flights

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration announced Sunday that it will not allow cellphones or other electronics on U.S.-bound planes originating at some international airports if the devices are not charged up. The ban is part of heightened security measures surrounding Yemen-based al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and the Islamist Nusra Front, al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria, seeking to blow …

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NSA Used Americans’ Cellphone Location Data In Tracking Trials

Since the Snowden leaks began in early June, we’ve learned numerous things about the NSA and its various surveillance programs. Perhaps the most shocking of these revelations was a program called XKeyscore that allowed the NSA to track everything Americans do online. Now it’s been revealed by the government that it was planning to take it a step further by …

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Cellphones May Not Cause Car Crashes, Show Study

It’s now a given that talking on the phone while driving is dangerous. Public service announcements, ads from mobile providers, and laws in many states attest to that. However, a new study from researchers at Carnegie Mellon is now calling into question this supposed fact. The study, published in the journal American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, shows that talking on …

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House Judiciary Committee Votes In Favor Of Cellphone Unlocking

Should you be able to unlock your cellphone? Over 100,000 Americans and the White House certainly think so. Some members of Congress think so as well, and the House-backed legislation that would legalize cellphone unlocking is one step closer to a final floor vote. The Hill reports that Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act was approved …

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Male Birth Control Pill Molecule Identified

Biochemists at the Baylor College of Medicine and Harvard Medical School have isolated a molecule that could lead to a male birth control pill. A study led by Dr. Martin Matzuk, director of the Center for Drug Discovery at Baylor, and Dr. James Bradner, assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, found that the molecule, called JQ1, inhibited the amount and …

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PowerTrekk: A Battery Charger That Runs On Water

It’s my favorite time of day right now: that time when we learn about sock-knocking-off technology that sounds like it was born on the bright side of the future. To quote one of my favorite animators, “When the aliens come they will be so great in so many different ways that everything we ever thought was cool will make us …

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