TSA Bans Uncharged Cellphones on Certain Flights

TSA Bans Uncharged Cellphones on Certain Flights

By Mike Fossum July 6, 2014

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration announced Sunday that it will not allow cellphones or other electronics on U.S.-bound planes originating at some international airports if the devices are not charged up. The ban is part of heightened security measures surrounding …

PowerTrekk: A Battery Charger That Runs On Water PowerTrekk: A Battery Charger That Runs On Water

It’s my favorite time of day right now: that time when we learn about sock-knocking-off technology that sounds like it was born on the bright side of the future. To quote one of my favorite animators, “When the aliens come …

Olive: First Feature Film Shot With A Cellphone Olive: First Feature Film Shot With A Cellphone

It’s crazy how far cellphone camera technology has advanced. Just a few years ago they were more of a novelty feature; fast forward a bit, and you can record full HD video. With that in mind, a film crew has …

People Checking The Cellphones and Blackberries Before Breakfast

If you’re an avid dayparter, you might already know that breakfast is one of the best times of day to target your advertising.

According to the NYT, more and more people are checking emails, tweeting, texting and updating their Facebook status, before they grab breakfast. Some, are even more addicted!

Ottawa to Hold Auction of the Wireless Spectrum

Tom Peters suggested that for many big companies the words "We’re No Worse Than the Other Guy" could be the company motto emblazoned in gold letters over the entrance.

He was describing banks but according to a recent survey on customer service the cell phone companies are the lowest on the totem pole.

Goo-Fone or Gphone – Fact or Fiction?

Goo-Fone? .. or should that be Gphone? It may not matter given what Google is said to have said. Google seems to be strongly denying the rumors that it will develop its own cell phone.

Gmail Continues Upgrading Services

Gmail continues moving ahead in the competitive market of free webmail services and has just announced some added new features toits expanding and very popular service.

Your Cellphone Thinks You’re Ubersexual

Cellphones using the latest T9 software from AOL’s Tegic Communications unit know about a whole bunch of new words that you may not know yourself.

Wireless Carriers Stifle Cellphone Potential

Shades of Jon Stewart! An award recipient at the Mobile Marketing Association’s rave admonished the big names in mobile services for limiting creativity.

Cellphone Spam Illegal, Says Court

A 1991 law banning the practice of autodialing cellphone numbers also applies to junk text messages.

New iPod Cellphone Will Expand Citizen Marketing

iPod says “Hello Moto.” At least, The New York Times is cautiously suggesting it will ….

Bluetooth Enables British Cellphone Ad Invites

Users passing through London’s Heathrow Airport may get an invitation to view an ad on their cell phones.

ICE Down Your Cellphone

An initiative started by a British paramedic has made its way across the Atlantic, and state emergency management officials are encouraging its use.

Congress Hangs Up In-Flight Cellphone Talk

The House Aviation Subcommittee does not hold the same enthusiasm about in-flight cell talk as the wireless companies do.

New York Disables Tunnel Cellphone Connections

With evidence that the London bombings were triggered by using cellphones, the Port Authority has turned off cellphone links.

Boeing Sees In-Flight Cellphone Use Taking Off

Once the regulatory hurdles are cleared, Boeing unit Connexion thinks in-flight cellular service could begin next year.

EA, Qualcomm Team On Cellphone Games

Look for more of EA’s games to begin appearing on cellphones as the company announces a partnership with Qualcomm.